For as Long as We Could (Film)

An unconventional love story.

Eve Friedman is an eighty-three-year-old playwright living alone in a chaotic apartment in the heart of Manhattan. The chicken tenders, the childhood memories that assail her by the pool, and the late-night conversations with her building’s concierge are enough to keep her day-to-day life bearable. However, when her path crosses that of Jorge’s, a young foreigner who has moved to New York to make it as a successful screenwriter, her world is unexpectedly shaken.

Two characters, Eve and Jorge, who could be like oil and water, are perfectly matched thanks to their passion: theater. But this would be much simpler if Eve were not an old woman of advanced age and Jorge just a young man recently arrived in New York. However, Eve’s life is overwhelming and absorbing, and although she lives alone, all her ghosts accompany her every day. The absence of her brother and the fear of losing her memory led her to take refuge in Jorge, where she finds the shelter she needs for life to maintain its meaning.

Throughout the close relationship they establish, the old woman will have to face a loneliness different from the one she had known so far, and the gradual but inexorable loss of her most precious gift: words.


RELEVANT DATA: For As Long As We Could (Mientras pudimos) is a novel that unabashedly embraces complex themes such as intergenerational friendship, senility and death.

Its author, Pablo Herran de Viu, moved to New York to study Film Directing. There, he worked as a screenwriter, director, and editor, and funded Loud Film Festival, focused on the subject of immigration. He was selected as one of the ten most representative Spanish literature authors.


What the critics have said:

“Pablo Herran de Viu has succeeded in creating one of those literary characters that arrives slowly, without much fuss, and that little by little begins to germinate and grow, and ends up being the most beautiful flower in the garden.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a Film.