Foul Play – Original Project

Petra Walker is a prestigious psychology and author of several self-help books. Alexéi Volshteyn, the chief of the London United Football Club, wants to hireWalker to make the players improve their strategy in the matches.

The psychology, although not fond of football, does not see any other alternative, since she is going through a economic problems. Her husband, Will Nathaniel, has mortgaged their house to go on with his unsuccessful restaurant.

Nevertheless, Petra Walker’s function in the football club is not an easy job, since she has to constantly face against Sami Kahn, the team coach.

Foul Play is a project that goes beyond football itself. Julia Montejo adds a feminist character in a masculinized field. Walker’s role in the story is essential for the development of the British team.


RELEVANT DATA: Petra Walker is an iconic feminine character. Despite being a successful psychologist, she herself is a tormented person: her job is constantly hampered, her husband cheats on her, and her two teenage sons are going through a phase of hormonal changes


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie


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