Fresh Mint with Lemon (Peppermint Frappé)

During a sultry month on the Mediterranean coast, tension mounts in a triangle of love, power and desire between a Russian art critic, an American artist, and a provocative activist.

Russian art critic Vadim meets the beautiful and mysterious renowned artist, Patricia Pavloff, in Saint Petersburg. She becomes his obsession. The young critic travels to the coastal Catalonian town of Sitges, where Patricia lives, hoping to interview her and write a book about her work. Vadim’s dreams of being admitted to her inner sanctuary wane as Patricia’s personality oscillates between two extremes. She’s friendly and playful one moment, cold and distant the next. Patricia shares her house with the voluptuous and provocative Radhika, whose power games foster an unsettling dynamic between the three. Attracted by Radhika’s beauty but repelled by her politics, Vadim finds solace in her during Patricia’s cold spells. As the story goes on Vadim becomes more in love with these two women and doesn’t know which of the two he desires most.

A sultry and artistically written love story underlined by the sexual and romantic tension of the dramatic events of the Prague Spring of 1968, cut short by the Soviet invasion. The juxtaposition of these two narratives provokes fresh perspectives in this multi-layered and sensual exploration of the nature of love, art, guilt, and freedom.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The story fascinates with its exotic and erotic atmosphere, scenes of agonizing waiting and expectation, sometimes disappointment, and a tense description of the relationship between one man from the East and two mysterious women.


LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Czech, Spanish, English, Catalan.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

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