Saga Father Anthony Flower

God’s Spy | The Moses Expedition

A conclave, a new Pope, Vatican dark secrets. The novel that moved up everything.

Rome, 2nd April 2005. Pope John Paul II just passed away and thousands of people gather in St. Peter’s Square to bid farewell to him. At the same time, the preparations for the conclave are already set to elect the new Roman Pontiff.

Two cardinals are found dead showing several evidences of a macabre ritual that included mutilations and written messages with religious symbology. A serial killer is wandering around Rome and the one in charge of catching him is to be inspector and criminal psychiatrist Paola Dicanti.

On the other hand, the Vatican security services hinder the investigation by assuring to the media that no cardinal has died and they decide to keep on with the celebration of the conclave.

Moreover, the appearance of father Fowler, an old American soldier, supposes a new challenge for Dicanti, who feels reluctant on trusting the priest. Nevertheless, Fowles does know the name of the murderer, and he keeps an even more fearful secret: his own past.

In The Moses Expedition, in 2007, an American multimillionaire and an Israeli archeologist, along with an intrepid Spanish journalist, start a secret expedition to the Mount Sinai to find the Ark of the Covenant, in which interior the Decalogue is kept.
An exciting but dangerous mission, due to the intrigues of the Vatican secret services and a Machiavellian terrorist; if the ark got to the wrong people, nobody would be able to stop the outbreak of the Third World War.

Gómez-Jurado offers a fascinating adventure of rapid reading that covers two thousand years of the history of the Middle East.


RELEVANT DATA: Along with The Moses Expedition, God’s Spy is an international bestseller that possesses complex characters. It is a thriller full of action, violence and mystery, in which reality and fiction perfectly merge.


Critics say:

“Gómez-Jurado is the Spanish Ken Follett”, La Vanguardia.

“A novel brilliantly written, stating a new golden standard in crime stories”, USA Today.

“A first class thriller”, Booklist.

“Don’t miss it!”, El País.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Danish, Dutch, Serbian, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovenian, Estonian, Latvian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Turkish, Chinese, Catalan, Thai, Hungarian and Russian.

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