Till it rains again (Hasta que llueva otra vez)

The rain brings harvest, but it does not cleanse the past.


In a village in the Jezreel Valley, the elderly Shima’le Steinman dies under strange circumstances. He lived secluded in the attic of his house during the final years of his life, and only his death prompted him to be taken out of hiding. His existence was a secret to the family, including his grandnieces Yaeli and Gali, who, upon learning of this scandal, leave the village. And as they leave, it seems they take the rain with them.

Twelve years later, they decide to return to settle down for good and bring order to their lives. Yaeli carries her newborn son in her arms, unsure if the father is a former classmate with whom she had a romance in the past, or if it is her current husband. Gali, on the other hand, has returned from Canada to get married. She spends her days planning her dream wedding, trying not to think about whether her husband may be cheating on her with another woman, or if the work trip that is delaying his arrival in the village could involve her.

But the return of both of them only brings problems. Settled in the home where they grew up, more secrets begin to come to light. Thanks to a friend of Yaeli’s who works on the village committee, the sisters discover that local politicians are using the water supply system to their advantage, extracting money from residents for its use, and taking larger amounts of water for themselves. Although a national supply system is about to be installed, the leaders carry out a series of works whose aim is to delay the installation of the new water network as much as possible. Yaeli and Gali will have to confront the corruption of the village and a family legacy they didn’t choose, but they must take charge of it to protect their future, and to finally make the rain fall again over the Jezreel Valley. Additionally, they will have to bury the family secret forever: Shima’le was confined and incapacitated after a brutal beating inflicted by a relative’s partner.


RELEVANT DATA: Saleit Shahaf Poleg’s novel has sold translation rights to more than six languages. Furthermore, it has garnered excellent reviews among readers and specialized critics, who have said the following about her work:

“Oleg tells the story and ideals of the Israeli settlement dream across generations in a polyphonic, ingenious, and energetic way.” Litprom, list of the best world literature of 2023

“Saleit Shahf Poleg’s debut is a great Israeli social and generational novel.” Elle magazine

“A mature and sophisticated novel… beautifully crafted in terms of plot and structure, its gaze and voices, its universe and characters.” Haaretz magazine


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: German, Hebrew, Italian.

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