Hell in Paradise (Infierno en el paraíso)

She smiled with the only thing she could smile with: her eyes.

Sonia Torres, a waitress in a bistro in Madrid, replaces her friend Karen in a hotel in Marbella. The young woman spends the summer working as a waitress at the Beach Club, one of the most famous and elite establishments in the Andalusian city, with a large presence of sheikhs and personalities from the Middle East.

Marbella awaits the visit of King Fadel of Saudi Arabia and the more than a thousand people who make up his entourage, including his wives Sultana and Amina. The arrival of the monarch means an influx of millions to the city, and the Beach Club is fortunate to be the hotel that will host many of the evenings promoted by royalty.

Unlike her colleagues and Fabian, the hotel manager, Sonia has an advantage: she speaks Arabic. This will soon make her the personal waitress of the Saudi princesses. Nothing will slip Sonia’s attention, as she is particularly attentive to what is going on around her and aware of the great differences between her world and the Arab princesses.

Gradually she will feel more integrated in the Beach Club, more comfortable with the luxury that surrounds her, without craving it, but normalizing it despite being accustomed to a life of economic hardship.

It will be a seemingly harmless proposal that will turn her life upside down. Amina, second wife of King Fadel and barely seventeen years old, convinces Sonia to give Spanish classes in the palace to her and the children of the king’s first wife. The large tips and the disproportionate salary as a teacher convince her.

In the intimacy of the palace, Sonia will be aware of the great physical resemblance between her and the young wife of the king.

Taking advantage of her classes, Amina confesses to Sonia a desire as risky as it is forbidden. Sonia will be involved in a strange and distressing plot that will lead to the disappearance of the princess. Sonia will discover the crude reality that hides behind so much opulence and beauty.

A gripping thriller about the escape of a Saudi princess locked in her golden cage.


RELEVANT DATA: Upon publication, Hell in Paradise (Infierno en el paraíso) quickly moved into the top ten bestselling books in 2021 in genre fiction.

Clara Sánchez has received the main narrative awards in the Spanish-speaking world, such as the Planeta Award and the Alfaguara Award. She has also been awarded the Mandarache Award for Young Readers, the Rome Award, the Italian National Vincenzo Padula Award, the Literary Institute and Hispanic Culture Award (for her literary career), and the Bilbao Booksellers Award, among many others. His works have been translated into some twenty countries and he has sold more than two million books.

Clara Sanchez is also a film specialist and participated for five years in the Spanish public television program (TVE) ¡Qué grande es el cine!


What the critics have said:

“Clara Sanchez’s novel has all the ingredients to become a fast-paced television drama: well-constructed characters, confronted by chance to extreme situations; a plot with elements that are familiar to us, very current, and a location in a time and place, twenty years ago on the Costa del Sol, which are part of a collective idealization, a world of luxury, attractive, in which we can sense a murky side.” Sonia Martínez, Editorial Director of Series at Buendía Estudios and Executive Producer of the project.

“The author develops a gripping plot around a world where luxury and lack of freedom reign. Readers will enter the lavish and fascinating circle of Saudi royalty in Marbella, a life within the reach of very few, but which also entails a dark reality.” El Diario Crítico (Digital Newspaper)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Serie TV, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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