Horchata Blood (Sangre de horchata)

In the face of family drama, blood cold like horchata.

Belén Alba is sixteen years old and lives in a modernist palace in one of the richest areas in Barcelona. Her father is an elderly man in a wheelchair who has become obsessed with organizing his inheritance. Her brother is always locked up in his room or out of the house.

Belén is certain that her family is hiding information from her about her mother, whom she hasn’t seen since she was a child and with whom she only speaks from time to time, when she calls from the psychiatric center where she is hospitalized.

Belen’s life takes a turn when Leonardo arrives – he is a tutor that her father has hired, but who quickly begins to replace Víctor, the family’s former lawyer. Shortly after, her father announces that he is going to marry Leonardo.

While Belén tries to come to terms with this drastic change, her mother decides to reappear in her life to introduce her to her second husband, Víctor, and the child she has had with him.

Thus, Belén becomes a spectator of the adults’ adventures, their unexpected love stories, their fractured relationships, and their greed for money and power. Surrounded by lies, rooms filled with mystery, and eccentric characters, Belén writes her family’s diary to understand it and to heal.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: With masterful prose, Luisa immerses us in a family drama with touches of comedy and romantic nuances, where we’ll discover a world of deceptive appearances that reminds us of series like Sagrada familia (Holy Family, Netflix).

Luisa Castro, a novelist and poet, is one of the most prestigious writers in contemporary Spanish literature. She is the director of the Instituto Cervantes of Dublin.

She has won the Herral Novel Prize, the Torrente Ballester Prize, the Azorín Prize, the Rey Juan Carlos International Poetry Prize, and the Biblioteca Breve Prize.


What the critics have said:

“If something defines Luisa Castro’s writing, it is her limitless expression.” El País

“In the novel, there is a playful tone that goes hand in hand with restrained sadness.” El Diario

“Owner of a mystery she does not wish to unveil, Luisa Castro is serene, warm, and intelligent.”  Barcelona Review

“What Horchata Blood actually speaks about is that superior power of human salvation— humor.” Zenda Libros

Horchata Blood’s story only makes sense thanks to the irony with which the Spanish writer narrates it. Her return to fiction couldn’t have been better.” Infobae


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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