Hot Sur (TV Series)

A nightmare called “the American dream”.

María Paz is a Colombian immigrant in her 20s who arrived in the US searching for the American dream. Instead, she found a nation that rejected immigration, a country in which liberty was just for the fittest, a place where she was definitely not welcomed.

Years later, María Paz is sent to prison falsely accused of the murder of her husband Greg, a white police inspector who (along with some other colleagues of the police station) was involved in arms trafficking. María Paz, despite being already legal in the States, cannot escape her condition as an immigrant and is imprisoned for being the main suspect of the crime. However, when her loyal attorney proves her innocent, she remains in jail, again, falsely accused of being involved in the arms trafficking deals of her husband.

In jail, María Paz attends a course in literary creativity, imparted by Cleve Rose. She will start writing her memoirs as an immigrant in an American prison. Cleve Rose, who lives a very peaceful life, dies in a what seems motorbike accident (which in actual fact is a homicide). However, his father, Ian Rose, will take justice into his own hands and start investigating the truth behind his son’s death. Ian and María will cross paths when the manuscript written by the María is given to Ian, and he realizes that María knew Cleve very well and might help him find out what happened to his son.

María suffers the harassment of her brother-in-law, Sleepy Joe, a cruel killer that anxiously looks for the money that Greg had earned with his illegal arms trafficking business. Sleepy Joe is involved in a series of crimes. His strong ultra-religious believes are a way for him to sacrifice his victims through bloody biblical rituals.

Many diverse characters will cross their paths in this frenetic and adventurous thriller in which comical and dramatic elements merge to create an original and unique story that has captivated thousands of readers all over the world.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Highly acclaimed by the critics all throughout the world, Hot Sur has been translated into English and Portuguese, becoming one of Laura Restrepo’s most outstanding literary projects.

One of the most highlighting aspects of the novel is the evolution of its characters, besides the complexity of their psychological construction. In spite of the rawness of the plot, Laura Restrepo manages to include touches of humor that contribute to the majestic creation of this original an unique masterpiece.


What the critics have said:

“Her powerful writing takes us back to the great passionate literature obsessed with accurate historical details of the greatest Latin-American fiction”. – New York Times Book Review

“Her fascination for popular culture and her sense of humor avoid any kind of melodrama, which makes us enjoy her novels endlessly”. – Gabriel García Márquez

Hot Sur is a terrifying and sad mosaic of the price of dreams in the contemporary world…but as much a celebration of life with the tempo of a thriller as a novel excoriating systems that erect walls to the detriment of millions of immigrants”. – Babelia


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series in development.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, and Portuguese.