I Will Never Be Your Hero Saga (Saga Nunca seré tu héroe)

I´ll Never Be Your Hero / Hero, to my Regret / A Hero in Sneakers

How to heroically survive a day in the life of a teenager.

Andrés is having a hard time finding his place in this world. This teenager walks us through the adventures he faces in his life at home and at his high school, neither of which he feels are going too well for him.  He must endure the acne, the parental fights, money problems, the first feelings of love, annoyingly strict teachers and weird friends. After all, this is what comes with adolescence. Luckily, he finds happiness in drawing comics and writing stories. This is what he falls back on and what will soon serve as a source of minimal income.

To put it lightly, he is lost, out-of-place, feeling with no purpose. His girlfriend left him for a guy named Jorge and his parents won´t stop harassing him. According to them, his siblings are much more responsible than he is… but he wishes they would stop comparing.

His comics come to his rescue. He knows he possesses no superpowers and no awesome costume with a cape and mask, but he sets out to help the people that surround him in any way that he can, just as a superhero in his comics would. And so, Andrés decides to take all the pressure he has been feeling and put it to good use.

Belen, the most beautiful girl in class, in her desperate time of need… she thinks she may be pregnant and Andrés offers her comfort.  This will be just the beginning of his newly found calling, and Belen is the first of many who confide in him.

He will also have to learn to tolerate Jorge, the guy who swept his ex off her feet. Maybe it’s his new outlook on life or that Jorge wasn´t so bad after all, but they actually end up becoming good friends.

However, not everything is smooth sailing for this highschool normal-hero, as he must also face the challenges that come with this. After all, superheroes would be quite useless without any crime to fight. He steps up to the plate and lectures a group of racist and immoral skin-heads, helps a classmate who is being harassed by a photographer and must keep his family afloat with the income from his comics when his dad is fired.

No longer will Andrés be the normal kid, unnoticed, overlooked and forgotten to the rest of the world. In fact, he will become just the opposite: an important and necessary part of many people’s lives, including his teachers, his friends, his classmates and his family. A hero in sneakers, clumsily and purely making everyone´s life around him better.


RELEVANT DATA: With humor and irony, mixed with real and serious situations, María Menéndez-Ponte creates one of her readers and critic´s most praised and liked sagas. The saga won a Golden Book Award, and has more than 20 editions and 100,000 copies sold.

This saga is considered a fundamental reading in high school. The students can relate to all of the characters that are presented in the story.

Written from a humorous standpoint, the saga I´ll Never Be Your Hero (Nunca seré tu héroe) has all the ingredients to become an excellent and successful television series with the same style as Never Have I Ever and Sex Education. They have well-built and defined characters, real and complex situations, constant irony and comedy, and it is quite a contained production.

María Menéndez-Ponte is without a doubt one of the most prolific writers of Spanish young adult literature. She has more than 50 published books, among many of which are bestsellers. As a writer, she has received countless awards, like the Cervantes Chico Award for her literary works.


What the critics have said:

«…Both threatening and fun, it reflects the problems and concerns of teenagers very well. The pace of the story is quite fast. It has very plausible and relatable characters; anyone can have a friend like Andrés, Dani, Jorge, Sara or Belén. María Menéndez-Ponte makes you feel identified with them.» El Templo de las Mil Puertas

«…It contains very positive values, which are important to promote in young people, such as friendship, respect for others and especially the importance of individual effort. Everything is treated in a humurous tone and makes you smile while you read …» anikaentrelibros.com


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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