María Menéndez-Ponte

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María Menéndez-Ponte is a well-known award-winning Spanish writer. She specializes in children and young adult literature, with more than 50 published books, of which many have great sales success and are constantly having to be reprinted.

Apart from her work as a writer, she has also been a part of many textbook collaborations, musical projects, scripts and articles for the magazine Fathers and Teachers (Padres y Maestros) and the newspaper Escuela. She frequently participates in conferences, workshops and meetings with children and young people from all over Spain.



The author has been the recipient of the Cervantes Chico Award for her literary work in its entirety. She has also received the Golden Book Award for her novel I´ll Never Be Your Hero (Nunca seré tu héroe), having exceeded one hundred thousand copies sold. This novel currently has more than forty editions in different collections and is now part of a young adult novel trilogy.