The Cousins Inc. Saga (Saga Primos S.A.)

The Haunted House / Riddle on the Orange-Tree Bridge / The Monastery of Spirits / The Phantom Flock

The best detective agency in the world is led by five children and their ingenious dog.

Five cousins get together every summer and live out many adventures in a ranch. Verónica is 12 years old and seems to be the most worrisome, she has a great ear and loves photography. 13 year old Pablo, on the other hand, is a little more clueless and just like McGiver, he is always up to something. The youngest are Diego, Javier and Natalia, 10, 11 and 9 respectively. Diego is a history and ancient civilizations expert, while Javier is more of a prankster. He dreams of one day having his own company to make him rich. Natalia is more timid and a scaredy-cat. But has a special bond to botany.  Last, but certainly not least, is Jazz the dog. He is a small yorkshire who always accompanies the cousins on their adventures and has a great sense of smell; something that will come in handy when solving cases.

The five cousins and their dog create the detective agency named Cousins Inc. and will solve many mysteries during their summers. On their first case, they are determined to discover the secret behind the abandoned house. Apparently, nobody lives there, but the smoke that comes out of the chimney and the person that is seen leaning out of the window ever so often says otherwise. The investigation takes a turn when one of the cousins suffers an accident, and they discover that pretty much all of the inhabitants of the village hide a secret.  The detectives, convinced that something strange is afoot, employ many techniques such as taking notes, taking photos, questioning suspects, and even analyzing samples and fingerprints, encouraging the viewer to also learn these tricks. They will also solve the mystery of the stolen lambs, in the forest full of shiny stones, and Pablo will meet a very mysterious girl who seems to appear in the most unsuspected places. The odd thing is that his other four cousins are unable to find her and so, they belive that it may be a ghost; the same ghost that could have stolen the altarpiece from the church.

Whilst solving all the mysteries, love will arise, as well as tensions within the group and outings with the gang. Regardless, they will live endless unforgettable adventures together.


RELEVANT DATA: María Menéndez-Ponte is one of Spain’s children and young adult literature authors with the longest history in this genre. Her literary production is very extensive, exceeding fifty published titles. This has led her to be recognized with the Cervantes Chico Award for her work throughout her entire literary career. Many of her books are absolute best sellers. Such is the case of I´ll Never Be Your Hero (Nunca seré tu héroe), for which she won the Golden Book (Libro de Oro) Award, exceeding 100.000 copies sold and over 40 published editions in various collections.

The successful Cousins Inc. Saga is a best seller. The stories, although very contemporary, are reminiscent of classic novels such as The Famous Five, which evoke nostalgic feelings of those childhood summers in which any place and any situation could become an exciting adventure.


What the critics have said:

“To highlight the values that the story conveys: tenacity, camaraderie and friendship, love for animals, empathy and sincerity… The five cousins are truly endearing because of the respect that they all demonstrate to one another, despite their differences.”


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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