If Princesses Had Used Tinder (Si las princesas hubieran usado Tinder)

Who should decide our destiny? The one you love or yourself?

Paula is a 23-year-old journalist who works at Vogue. She recently moved to Madrid, not long after she broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago, and for this very reason, she has lost all hope in love. After much convincing by her best friend Andrea and her roommate, Paula decides to put traditional dating methods aside and downloads Tinder to possibly find love (or maybe just a good time).

The app leads her to Gonzalo, a man with clear goals, ambitions, who is attentive and affectionate, and who works as a creator for an advertising company. Best of all, Gonzalo is very interested in Paula. There´s nothing to complain about… he´s the perfect guy. However, Paula´s insecurity makes her think that all of this is way too good to be true and that something has to go wrong at some point. She was convinced that she wasn´t going to find the perfect man through an app, but she has been proved wrong. Paula has put up many walls since her past relationship, but Gonzalo succeeds in breaking them down, and this is where their love story begins. Although she now thinks with her mind and not her heart, Paula expresses her feelings through her writing, and for a moment, she is happy again.

Paula also has other things to worry about. She is not only looking for love, but she is also fighting to make a name for herself at Vogue, which is not an easy feat. Right as she feels that her love life is back on track, Gonzalo announces that he has been offered a position at his dream job in Australia. Although tempting, Paula decides to stay where she´s at and pursue her own dreams. In order to make the most of the days they have left together, they write a list of things to do before they part: go on a trip together, have sex in public, etc.

This last month together full of everlasting memories, Gonzalo and Paula´s love grows and flourishes. They decide to bet on their love and maintain a long-distance relationship on opposite sides of the world since Paula has also been offered an excellent position at Vogue at the publishing house in New York.

If Princesses Had Used Tinder (Si las princesas hubieran usado Tinder) is a fun and endearing story with romance and plotlines that completely reflect a group of twenty-somethings who care about their jobs, but also about making the most of their lives. Stories of love, sex without prejudice, breakups, and disappointments.


RELEVANT DATA: This is María Monrabal´s first novel, an emerging Spanish writer. If Princesses Had Used Tinder (Si las princesas hubieran usado Tinder) deals with current issues such as the use of social networks, feminism, female empowerment, sexual diversity and the job market as a millenial. Its reviews assure that it is a realistic depiction of what it´s like to fall in love in today´s generation.

A fresh, moving and funny novel that is a mix between The Devil Wears Prada, and certain touches of the acclaimed TV series Sex Education.


What the critics have said:

“Paula is our 21st-century romantic hero, not your typical chick-lit protagonists. Paula hesitates and advances, falls and gets up again, gets in and out of trouble, and the best friend we would all like to have.” Amazon

Thanks to the open ending and the number of storylines and secondary characters, this novel has true potential for a TV series in which, over many different seasons, the audience would come to know and love Paula and Gonzalo´s relationship and the evolution of the secondary characters that reflect the problems young adults face today.

In addition, although the original story is set in Madrid, the concept is very international and this would allow the story to be adapted to any part of the world. On the other hand, the number of locations is very small, since a large part of the events takes place indoors – ideal for a contained production.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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