Isle of Passion (TV Series)

They were forgotten, but they survived to the most adverse situations that anyone could ever imagine.

In 1903, Ramón Arnaud, a young officer from the Mexican army, accepts the mission of defending a small deserted island in the Pacific from a French invasion, the Clipperton Island or Isle of Passion. Alicia, his wife, and his children go with him, together with other eleven soldiers and their families.

Despite the island being inhospitable and threatening, the Mexican government promises them many provisions. However, with the outbreak of the First World War, Porfirio Díaz government falls and the small community of the Island of Passion are forgotten.

The newly established community see themselves forced to set some cohabitation rules to save themselves from madness and frustration. In 1914, due to a strong storm, a group of Dutch ship sinks close to the island, and the survivors swim to the island, complicating the self-sufficiently of the island. A ship arrives to rescue the Dutch, but they forbid the Mexicans to board.

Scurvy hits the island driving its inhabitants to extreme insanity. Ramón believes he has seen a ship on the horizon, goes after it on a float that sinks.

After the death of most of the soldiers due to illnesses and accidents, women will take over the Island. Every day stronger, smarter and more determined, they will become protagonists of the story, fighting against injustice, desperation and death, until they are rescued in 1917.

RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Isle of Passion is based on a historic event, to be able to write it, Laura Restrepo used old archives from Mexican and American armies, old correspondence of the characters and testimonies from relatives and neighbors in Mexico.

Isle of passion has been translated into multiple languages, such as English, German, Greek or Finnish. Critics have strongly praised Restrepo’s work:

“Possibly her best work: a thread that recreates a dark historic incident, alive and entertaining”. Kirkus Reviews.

“This extraordinary novel gives incredible lessons about the human condition. Very recommendable”. Library Journal.

“A very delicate and well done work”. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The Isle of Passion is an adventure novel which reminds of Robinson Crusoe, despite of being based on a true story”. Solodelibros.

“One of the main and basic elements of this story are its characters”. Girlybooks.

Laura Restrepo is an author of reference in Colombia. She has been awarded with the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz award, the France Culture award, the Alfaguara Novel award and the National Literature award from Colombia, among others.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development as TV Series.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, German, Greek, Polish, Finnish.


TOPICS: Survival, Isolation, Overcoming, Island, War, 20th Century, Mexico, Family, Love, Female empowerment, Heroism, Murderer, Madness, Desperation, Nature.

GENRE: Drama, Adventure.