Janis Joplin’s lover (El amante de Janis Joplin)

The Mexican Forrest Gump.

David Valenzuela is known as the “town idiot”, and at 20 years old he has missed out on the normal experiences for his age, from having a girlfriend to getting involved in criminal activities.

One night, a girl named Carlota invites him out to dance. Although he is surprised, David agrees, even though he knows that she is Rogelio Castro’s girlfriend, a dangerous drug manufacturer. Rogelio witnesses the flirting and attacks David. David defends himself and throws a stone at Rogelio that kills him. The police come after him to kill him, as they are allies to the drug cartels. David flees with the help of his family.

Thanks to his drive and strength (which everyone knew he had after killing Rogelio), David starts playing baseball in his uncle’s team and becomes a star. In Culiacán he befriends “El Cholo”, a low-profile drug dealer, and rekindles his friendship with “El Chato”, his cousin that is in the guerrilla.

When the baseball team goes on tour to the United States, David meets Janis Joplin, with whom he has a whirlwind affair. In love, he remains loyal to her until her last breath.

After seeing him play, The Dodgers want to sign a deal with him.

David lives a series of adventures, but he soon forgets that powerful people are after him and that letting down his guard was never an option.


RELEVANT DATA: David Valenzuela is a charming and adventurous male character who will discover the world guided by his innocence, giving us a story full of action, drama, comedy and a once-in-a-lifetime love story.

Janis Joplin’s lover is a long seller in México, which has sold tens of thousands of copies. The novel won the XVII José Fuentes Mares National Prize for Literature and has been translated into English, French, Russian and will be translated into Italian soon.

Élmer Mendoza offers a rich vision of the complexity of Mexican society. As Arturo Pérez-Reverte said: “Time has shown that Élmer Mendoza is one of the most important names in contemporary Mexican literature.”


What the critics have said:

“It is with great pleasure that we embark on the frenetic side of this formidable novel. But behind the façade lies a ruthless portrayal of Mexico, which was already in the hands of drug cartels, along with a touching love story, where a pathetic “Chicano” Forrest Gump goes about his life obsessing over the night he slept with Janis Joplin. Philippe Blanchet, Rolling Stone.

In Janis Joplin’s Lover, our hero, who is not a typical hero, doesn’t know where the punches life is giving him are coming from, he just dodges them to the best of his ability, and despite his ignorance, his marginality, and constant fear, in a few months he lives hallucinating, ecstatic and terrifying experiences with a maddening rhythm”. Jorge Moch, The Weekly Day.

“A particularly original plot with a tragicomical touch served up with plenty of irony and a touch of poetry. A complex and corrosive pole.” Baz’Art blog.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, French, Russian, Italian.

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