Julia is well (Julia está bien)

For a better future, you must learn to look at your past.

Two women, two eras, two stories. Sofia is a thirty-something who is not going through her best moment. Recently divorced and fired, she decides to accept the job her mother offers her: taking care of her grandmother Julia. What at first is an apparently temporary and desperate solution soon becomes a special relationship between an increasingly ill old woman, who wants to tell her granddaughter secrets that had been hidden about her life for more than seventy years, and a granddaughter who will realize how much she needed to hear her beloved grandmother’s story.

She narrates how she met Salvador, the love of her life, working as a maid in the house of some wealthy gentlemen in her hometown in 1934, and how the wealthy gentleman’s son Ramon, harassed her. She also narrates her extraordinary experiences during the Spanish Civil War, when she risked her life as part of a resistance group while the man she loved was imprisoned.
With her grandmother’s story, Sofia begins to feel better, to take care of herself, and to live life again, but her ex-husband Alvaro, who wants to get back together, will wreak havoc. Against her grandmother’s wishes, Sofia decides to go back to him, seeing it as the simplest solution to get everything back to normal. However, Sofia soon realizes that she is now stronger and more independent, and she is also aware that she was wrong to go back to Álvaro. Sofia receives a visit from Isabel, one of her best friends and Álvaro’s lover. Isabel explains the real reason why Álvaro wanted to get back together with Sofía: he wants to use her to get a contract that is crucial for the survival of the company they both work for. He wants Sofia to negotiate and sign it and then he will ask for the divorce. What Álvaro does not know is that Sofía had already negotiated this contract after she was fired.

After this time with her grandmother, Sofia is a newly empowered woman with more self-confidence and excited about her independent future. Sofia learns to live better and fuller just by listening to her grandmother’s story. Julia knows she is at the end of her days and she will do anything to help her granddaughter overcome adversity by telling her a very important part of her life.


RELEVANT DATA: Psychologist and children’s bestselling author Bárbara Montes has made her debut in adult literature with Julia está bien, inspired by the true story of her grandmother, who passed crucial information to Republican prisoners in a jail in Badajoz(a city in Spain). A new voice that ingeniously combines the historical narrative with a contemporary plot that reflects many of the real problems, language and way of life of the women of this generation. Bárbara Montes is the author of several children’s novels co-written with Juan Gómez-Jurado.


What the critics have said:

“It is a novel written with incredible sweetness and delicacy. Full of humor, reflections on life and that has moved me to unsuspected limits.” Goodreads

“[…] this novel is going to become a classic, a book that we should all read at least once in our lives. And now that Barbara has arrived to the great literary scene of Spain, I hope she will give us more stories for the future.” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

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