Leopard in the Sun (Leopardo al sol) (TV Series)

Blood is paid with blood.

Two families, the Barragán’s and Monsalve’s, are engaged in a bloody war. It all started when Nando Barragán murdered Adriano Monsalve, his first cousin. At the time, both families lived in close proximity in the desert and under the same business. After Adriano’s death, the two families abandoned their desert ranches, moving to the city and the seaport. Mani Monsalve – Adriano’s younger brother – is the head of his family.

On each anniversary of the violent death of its members (dates known as “zetas”), the affected family makes an attempt on the life of a male member of the rival family. The clan that exterminates the males of the opposing group first wins the war. There are rules: no attempt on the lives of women and children, no use of intermediaries to liquidate the rival, and one must kill head-on as opposed to waiting for the target to be unprepared.

Based on a terrifying true story, two rival families in the Guajira desert of northern Colombia condemn each other to an unstoppable chain of bloodshed. Although related to each other and coming from a common culture, each of them will find a different way of evolving… and of confronting their rival.


RELEVANT DATA: In this powerful thriller, Laura Restrepo builds a singular blend of investigative journalism and literary creation.

Laura Restrepo is a reference in contemporary Latin American literature. Her works have received great reviews and she has been awarded numerous occasions with honors such as the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Award, the Prix France Culture Award, the Alfaguara Award and the Colombian National Literature Award, among others.


What the critics have said:

A fantastic work, a Garciamarquian family saga in the style of Quentin Tarantino.” The New York Times

“These characters are not a figment of a twisted imagination, but rather of normality in this land and in this instant. And precisely because they are normal, they are frightening. They do not belong to magical realism, but to this reality that exceeds the limits of reality.” Héctor Rincón

“A captivating and very intelligent account of a lesser-visited aspect of drug trafficking: its cultural dimension.” Samuel Jaramillo González


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a TV Series.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Russian.