In love and poverty, anything is possible

Vidal, a handsome young man, moves from his native Colombia to Paris with a Machiavellian plan: to transform his rebellious and vulgar friend, Perla, into the ideal suitor for Count Adolphe de Cressay. And so, together, they plan to take his money when the old aristocrat dies.

Everything seems to go as expected, Perla marries Adolphe, who dies in an accident just a year later. However, the suspicious circumstances of his death are the opportunity that Clementí, the Count’s nephew, was waiting for to dispute the inheritance.

Vidal is diagnosed with a terminal illness that leaves him too weak to fight. Thus, it must be Perla who, with the help of her maid and best friend Anabel, fights for the inheritance they have worked so hard to obtain and proves her innocence in the death of her husband.

Straddling Paris and Medellín and traveling between the past and the present, we will uncover this story full of misunderstandings and entanglements. Alongside Vidal and Perla, we will meet her parents, engaged in a complicated gender war; Dayessi, an immigrant prostitute looking for a Frenchman to marry; Gabriella, a celebrated hairdresser; Florencia, her mute assistant who has fallen hard for Vidal; or Ilinka, a nightclub dancer. All of them share the same goal: to seek a better future.


RELEVANT DATA: Melodrama is a contemporary tragicomedy that has been a best-seller in Colombia, published throughout Latin America, and translated into multiple languages. Moreover, it has been previously adapted for the theater. Jorge Franco is one of the most globally recognized Colombian voices. All of his works have been best-sellers in Colombia and Latin America and Spain. Other works by the author have already been adapted into successful productions like “Paraiso Travel” and “Rosario Tijeras.” The author has been awarded the Pedro Gómez Valderrama National Narrative Contest, the National Novel Contest Award, the Dashiell Hammett International Novel Prize, and the Alfaguara Novel Prize.


The critics have said:

“This is one of the authors to whom I would like to pass the torch.” – Gabriel García Márquez.

“Nothing can defeat the indomitable character of Antioquian women […] Franco confirms it, in beautiful language, with its own and novel narrative structure, with dead who have the curious habit of speaking in parentheses, characters that move to laughter and tears, sometimes more tragic than comic, overwhelmed by human misery.” – Juan Gossaín.

“What mastery in the command of words and in the ability to change times with the style he pleases.” – Héctor Rincón.

“This is, perhaps, the best and most daring work of Franco, in which he has gone further in exploring his obsessions: the feminine universe, the duality of love and death – now with the ingredient of beauty and illness – and, of course, the bloody history of Colombia that here serves merely as a natural framework for a narrative overflowing with laughter and pain.” – Luis Fernando Afanador.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Hungarian, Greek, French, and Italian.

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