A thousand eyes (Miles de ojos)

Chaos lies within speed.


In 1990s Bolivia, Fede, Jaime, and David are three inseparable friends who form a heavy metal band, which doesn’t exactly make them popular at school. Things are even more complicated for Fede, as at home they are still grieving the death of his brother Lucas, who died two years earlier in a car accident.

Shortly after, Fede starts receiving strange visits from members of a mysterious sect with the goal of releasing “The Dream,” an unimaginable entity they believe will purify the world. The sect is led by El Albino and is composed of fervent admirers of speed, who drive cars through the desert in illegal races.

According to them, to save the world it will be necessary to crash into a tree at maximum speed, driving a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner. Fede will delve into the darkest depths of this sect, marked by forbidden races, clandestine rituals, and much blood. However, what Fede initially doesn’t know is that he is the chosen one for the sacrifice, and that his brother was also a fatal victim of the same ritual.


RELEVANT DATA: Maximiliano Barrientos is one of Bolivia’s most promising authors. In 2009, he won the National Literature Prize of Santa Cruz with his storybook “Diario.”

What critics have said about “Thousands of Eyes”:

“This fascinating novel by Maximiliano Barrientos brings together his always elegant writing full of references. The worship of cars and speed elevated to religion, black metal, and Mad Max in Bolivia.” – Mariana Enríquez


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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