Nanny Petrov – Original Project

If you want a good nanny, call the CIA.

Lola García, a Spanish spy as beautiful as she is lethal, is sent to Mexico to complete the mission of a fellow agent who was killed before he could fulfill his objective: delivering a microchip containing the true identities of a few Russian double agents.

Lola is betrayed, and while fleeing from the Russian hitmen, she seeks refuge in a house chosen completely at random. The owner is Luis Fernández, a young architect who has just been abandoned by his wife, leaving him in charge of their children ages 14, 8 and 11 months. Overwhelmed by the situation, the man is searching for a nanny to help take care of the kids. Lola enters his house just as the job interviews are taking place, and not only does Luis mistake her for one of the applicants, but he also offers her the job. Seeing that this could be a good cover-up while thinks of a way to track the Russians and get the microchip back, she accepts.

But it won’t be easy. How does a spy trained to kill, e

learn to iron, cook, take the children to afterschool activities, prepare costumes for school plays… while slitting the throats of her enemies and disposing of their bodies?

Lola becomes a somewhat unique babysitter, as she teaches the children how to slice fruit with a katana, buy weapons from the dark side of the internet, and install hidden cameras and microphones at school. Gradually, her heart, trained to be cold, begins to feel affection for the children. And eventually, feelings for Luis also start to emerge.


DATOS RELEVANTES: Nanny Petrov is a hilarious and thrilling story, full of action in the style of James Bond or The Spy Next Door, with heartwarming moments and aimed at a family audience.

The project has been conceived by Marina García Torrús, a screenwriter with over two decades of experience. Torrús is credited in numerous entertainment shows, game shows, and fiction series such as Al salir de clase and Zipi y Zape. Additionally, she is the author of numerous well-received literary works.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series (45min. episodes) or Film.


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