No fury like that

A satire of second chances, death, redemption, and justice.

Julia Redner is a ruthless businesswoman, a Miranda Priestly type who is obsessed with success and looks.

Her life seems perfect until one day she suddenly wakes up in a strange room that resembles an airport, surrounded by strangers. Julia senses that something isn’t quite right, as she is barefoot and wearing her pyjamas. She soon discovers that she is in Purgatory, that is nothing more than a large space with doors that lead to different rooms. She is forced to interact with a wide range of characters that she normally wouldn’t talk to, but whom, as she gets to know them, become her friends.

Julia joins an eclectic group of people that roam through Purgatory trying to find answers to their deaths and how to get out of that place: Grace is a real-life Barbie who has had multiple surgeries; Tracey left her little kids back on Earth but doesn’t miss them; Isabelle, that even in Purgatory is in search for real love; Jaimie, a young doctor that died in an accident but is happy, because he never wanted to look old; Eno, an ex-cop who was in the narcotics department that yearns for a second chance; and Agnes, a punk girl who died in a drug exchange and becomes Julia’s guide. All of them will be advised by Cedar, a wise old hippie, and Beatrice, a lesbian who is addicted to Scrabble.

With their help Julia will remember, first, how she was a terrible person on earth, and second, how she died: she was murdered by her ex-lover Junior, the CEO of the company where she had worked for 17 years. When Julia was fired, she believed it was Junior’s fault, so he took revenge by sending nude photos of him to all her contacts. An enraged Junior tried to kill her but failed.

Julia hid for weeks as her life as she knew it was dissipating. She had no money, no partner, and no job. Suspicious of everything and everyone, she isolated herself, and Junior took advantage of the moment to plan with maximum detail his next move.

Pretending that he was in Las Vegas and with the help of a thug, he entered Julia’s apartment when she was asleep, tied her up and beat her to death. They left thinking she had died. That’s how a delivery man and her neighbor found her. Julia fell into a coma and arrived at Purgatory.

Contrary to her friends in Purgatory, who are there to heal and transcend, Julia is there to decide whether she dies or lives: she can wake up from the coma or stay in Purgatory.

Finally, she chooses to come back to life as she wants justice for what Junior did to her and, even more important, to make amends with her young niece Emma, whom she refused to take care of when her parents died in a car crash.

When she wakes up, she feels shattered. As she becomes stronger, she decides to take revenge for herself and her friends at Purgatory, so she goes after their murderers. Junior will be her final target, and the most difficult one. The perfect scenario will be Junior’s annual trip to Vegas with his friends. The perfect costume? A blonde wig to resemble the wife Junior cheated on.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: No Fury Like That is a unique thriller full of humor that captures all kinds of audiences with its deep insight and tenderness. It’s an agile novel that resembles Sartre’s No Exit, and the storyline has multiple subplots that keep readers hooked until the end.

Life, death, revenge, and redemption are topics the author exposes in this fast-paced book that will take us to an outcome full of poetic justice.

Born in South Africa and a Canadian citizen since 2003, Lisa de Nikolits has been named “the Queen of Canadian speculative fiction”. She has been longlisted twice for a Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of The Fantastic and was a finalist in the International Book Awards, 2021.

No Fury Like That was published in Italian in 2019 by Edizione Le Assassine under the title Una furia dell’altro mondo.


What the critics have said:

“Imagine if characters from The Devil Wears Prada got trapped in Sartre’s play No Exit, where “hell is other people.” No Fury Like That uses the lens of female souls stuck in purgatory to examine loss, love, rage, angst, and what there really is to live for. Alternately funny, melancholy, philosophical, and raunchy, it’s a wild ride and another gutsy novel from de Nikolits.”  John Oughton, author of Death by Triangulation

“Suspenseful, surprising, thrilling and at times laugh-out-loud funny, No Fury Like That takes you on a page-turning ride into another world—with Lisa de Nikolits’s skillful writing keeping you belted in.” Jacqueline Kovacs, Metroland Media

In No Fury Like That, Lisa de Nikolits gives us a version of purgatory that, while a little less grievous than Bosch’s work, is no less captivating. “Gerrilee McBride, SubTerrain Magazine

“It’s easy to see the influence of female empowerment and encouragement in this refreshing read.” Beach Metro


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Serie TV, Miniserie, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: English and Italian.

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