Not All Kisses are the Same (No todos los besos son iguales)

I´m so fed up: so many men in the world and not one can wake me up?

Once upon a time, there was not-so-traditional Sleeping Beauty. She managed to open her eyes after a spell had condemned her to sleep for a century. But, she was still very sleepy and wanted to feel fully awake. Upon learning that her constant sensation of sleepiness could only be fixed with a true love´s kiss, she was not very happy. Actually, she couldn´t believe it! How could a fairy be so cruel as to do something like this to her! To make matters worse, she was surrounded by useless men who either could not or did not want to do anything to help her out. Infuriated, she decides to confront her destiny and irreverently question all those social conventions that she suffers as a woman. If she has to be woken up with a kiss, it had better be at least a pleasurable one. Therefore, she took it upon her hands. Instead of waiting for someone to come find her, she goes out and kisses every man she can get her hands on.

She is kidnapped by Espolonela´s nephew, the fairy who had put a spell on her. He is an enigmatic man who always wears a mask, and soon, Sleeping Beauty will begin to feel an irresistible attraction towards him. The plot thickens when another man, a prince, is sent by Espolonela´s lover to kiss her. The prince then plans to marry Sleeping Beauty so that he can take the throne. The prince will be the only one to fully wake Sleeping Beauty up, but she is not convinced that she likes him enough, as he is too boring and conventional. She knows that this prince is not the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Luckily, she finally feels entirely herself and completely awake and realizes that she has always been a strong woman who can make her own decisions, and that no man will ever deprive her of that newly found freedom.


RELEVANT DATA: This story has truly surprised readers and critics alike for being a hilarious modern reinterpretation of the classic tale by Grimm brothers´, Basile, and Perrault. Thanks to his extensive literary production, with more than twenty books published, Elmer Mendoza has established himself as one of the most outstanding contemporary authors of the current literary scene. Mendoza has managed to revolutionize traditional genres, and has been recognized with 3 of the most important literary awards: the Nacional de Literatura José Fuentes Mares Award, the Tusquets de Novela Award and finalist for the Dashiell Hammett Award.


What the critics have said:

«He has a linguistic mastery that is seen in very few authors; he manages to talk about actuality but with a touch of irony.» Rosa Beltrán

«Endowed with a certain sensitivity to the particularities of local speech, Elmer Mendoza has been faithful to the roots of narrative realism, with a few doses of humor”.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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