Pinkies Girls

Grease 2.0.

Simone is a young introvert and a great lover of music. The summer before the start of Senior Year she meets Kenny, a boy with dreamy blue eyes. Together they live a passionate (and fleeting) summer love, learning about each other and having unforgettable intimate moments. Unfortunately, the summer comes to an end and Simone knows that she must painfully return to reality and her normal life. Saying goodbye to all the wonderful moments since she will never see him again. As if that were not enough, Simone must move to a new city because of her father’s job and will have to face everything that comes with starting over in a new high school. Luckily, she will not be completely alone, since her cousin Caly is waiting for her there.

Caly is not the most popular in school. In fact, she is the “alt-girl”, the one who would rather not fit in, who dyes her hair bubblegum pink, and skates through the school halls. Helping her cousin Simone find her place in the difficult world that is high school is her main priority, so she introduces her to her group of friends. Simone meets Mavi, a girl with a strong character who is always candid and blunt; Abi, who is always calm and attentive to everything around her; and Erin, the athlete. The girls do not accept Simone at first, but they will soon realize that together they are stronger. They will support each other through various situations that they find themselves in.

To make matters even worse, Simone will discover that she is in the same school as Kenny. The excitement of seeing him plummets when she realizes that he is a part of the rebel group at the school. He certainly isn’t the same boy she fell in love with over the summer.

As the new school year begins it is evident that this year is not going to be like the others. There will be a teacher who is going to make things difficult, an unexpected deal, the reunion with a summer love, mixed feelings, music, and memories of the past.

Before going away to university, these five girls will have to close the chapter on all the things they have pending… even if that means having to make difficult and complicated decisions along the way.


REVELANT INFORMATION: Pinkies Girls is a retelling of Grease, the famous musical that conquered the whole world. Its author, Paula Ramos, captures the essence of the legendary story in her pages. She sets the story in the present day giving it a more modern aspect, but also with an important twist.

Paula Ramos is a bestselling author who is taking off strongly and increasing her already consolidated audience. She has published numerous novels in a wide range of genres from fantasy to romance. She is very active on social media, amounting to thousands of followers between Instagram and Twitter.


What the critics say:

“Not only has it turned out to be a great retelling of Grease, with a whole new take, but it hooks and pulls you in with its wonderful twists and characters.” Goodreads

“While it shares similarities with the film, it has proven to have a twist that has pointed in different directions, while retaining a fresh and original touch.” Between Pages and Letters (literary blog)

“A story full of nostalgia […], its protagonists have hit the nail on the head to bring us closer to a whirling plot in which there will be a lot of drama, but above all, important and well-exposed messages that have made it an unforgettable read, entertaining, fun, and very addictive.” City of books (literary blog)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Show, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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