Saga Abril (Bilogía Abril)

Signed, Abril | Letters for Abril

Young love is smooth sailing, said no one ever.

Abril is an impulsive, daring, endearing, sporty and fun-loving young woman. Accompanied by Leah, her loyal sister; Ian, her overprotective brother; and Noah, her best friend, we follow Abril during her adolescence; through all her adventures and mistakes, her first kiss, the incredible summers, her first love, her first heartbreak, the loss of her best friend and the secret her grandmother kept and shared only with her.

The story begins when Abril is invited to Sara’s birthday party, the popular girl at her high school. Abril is disappointed when she finds out she was only invited on account of Noah, who told Sara he would only attend if Abril was also invited. Although she feels rejection, Abril bonds with Michelle, another classmate excluded by the group, and with her siblings Ian and Leah. Darek, Ian’s best friend and an arrogant heartthrob, ends up being Abril’s first kiss.

Not long after, Noah and Abril vacation together in El Lago, a seaside town, where they meet Luke, a boy that Abril fancies. So much so that Abril will do anything in her power to be able to go to the first bonfire of the summer, an El Lago tradition, and have her first date there with Luke. She even asks her best friend Noah to help her practice her kissing so that she is prepared for when the big moment arrives with Luke. However, sparks unexpectedly fly between them during Noah’s kissing lesson.

Suddenly, Noah becomes the guy everyone has a crush on, although Abril doesn’t really understand why. Even Michelle, her new best friend, has a crush on him and, after a kissing game at a party, Michelle and Noah start dating. At the same time, Abril starts dating Nathan. But things get complicated for Abril when Darek, her first love, returns – to her surprise – with another girl.

Further along in the story, Michelle discovers that she is pregnant with Noah’s child, and decides to have an abortion. She also completely upends her life, taking Noah and Abril completely out of it.

Nathan, on the other hand, who feels insecure because Noah is now single, begins to feel very jealous and cheats on Abril in front of everyone at a party. Noah decides to teach him a lesson and fakes a relationship with Abril. This causes sparks to fly once again between the two, and Abril seriously doubts her friendship and chemistry with Noah.

At the end of the summer at El Lago, they meet Chloe, Darek’s current girlfriend, and Emma, who quickly becomes involved with Noah. Abril, crushed by the discovery of the romance between Emma and Noah, realizes the feelings she had been denying all summer for her best friend are very real.

The second novel begins with Abril and Noah meeting for the first time after having been apart for an entire year. Their friendship seems to be back to normal after having made up. This is ideal, since they will be at the same college this year. Here, Abril meets America, her roommate and new best friend.

On the other hand, Darek begins working in the fire department nearby, which motivates Abril to start a relationship with him. They seem to encounter a lot of problems though, and quickly turns in to a rather toxic relationship. On the flip side, Noah’s feelings for Abril grow more with each passing day, but he must accept that Abril is with Darek now. To solidify this acceptance, he decides to start dating Emma. What Noah doesn’t know is that Abril feels the exact same towards him, although neither will confess their love for each other.

After a year of ups and downs in their relationships, summer arrives, and they all return to The Lake. The novel ends with Ian and his girlfriend Alice’s wedding. Here, Abril and Noah finally open up and confess their undeniable feelings for one another.

RELEVANT DATA: Paula Ramos is the Spanish romance novel’s breakthrough author. She rose to fame with her saga Signed, Abril (Firmado, Abril) which has sold tens of thousands of copies with more than seven editions. Her work has been distributed in Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. On social media, Paula Ramos creates and shares content for her thousands of followers.


What the critics have said about the author:

“Paula’s writing is addictive and relatable, she has something that makes you empathize with the characters and unable to put the book down.” Goodreads

“Paula Ramos has become a sure hit, and undoubtedly has a place on my list of favorite national authors.” Goodreads


About Signed, Abril (Firmado, Abril):

“I fell in love with it from the very first moment. A novel that has captivated me and has left me addicted to its characters. I need to start the second part as soon as possible to find out what will happen next for these characters and to know how the story will end. […] A light, fun novel that transports you to the summer, to adolescence and leaves you with a smile on your face.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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