Saga Albert Zimmer

The Witch of Berchtesgaden |  The Murderer of the Senses

A funny and sinister young man solving murder cases committed under paranormal circumstances.

The Albert Zimmer Saga is the spin-off of the Erik Vogler Saga – his beloved and inseparable enemy. In the previous saga, 15-year-old Erik is an extremely tidy geek, maniac, and fashion lover who finds himself involved in a series of unsolved mysteries. Despite not being brave at all, Erik seems to be a magnet for the most horrifying events. His partner in crime is his own grandmother, Berta Vogler, a vital woman ahead of her time and jack-of-all-trades.

The trio of protagonists is completed by Albert Zimmer, Berta’s neighbors grandson. Albert is the same age as Erik, but he does not understand Albert’s strange personality. Erik feels slightly repulsed by Albert because of his pale skin and sharp fangs. tricks himself and avoids thinking that his parents were vampires. Despite being rivals, they will need each other to solve the mysteries that lie ahead.

Some years have passed since the events of Vengeance, the last book in the Erik Vogler saga. The characters have grown and started university. Erik now studies Interior Design and Art History in New York and Albert Zimmer studies criminology in Amsterdam. Although the trio did not end on good terms at the end of the previous saga, a call from Commissioner Roth brings Albert and Erik back together to solve a crime in the city of Berchtesgaden.

It becomes clear that the mystery is related to the existence of a witch who appears at the home of her victims and kills them in the middle of the night. Berta Vogler, who is now a renowned novelist, joins them to try to solve the case.

Once they manage to solve the mystery, a dead woman appears in the middle of Römerberg square in Frankfurt. The crime is dedicated to Berta Vogler. The team will have to solve this puzzle which will turn out to be more complicated than the previous one.


REVELANT INFORMATION: This series explores the story from Albert’s point of view. The new saga features a new narrative voice and a time jump but keeps the characters from the previous saga. The trilogy brings together the titles Albert Zimmer I: The Witch of Berchtesgaden and Albert Zimmer II: The Assassin of the Senses. The third installment of the trilogy is pending publication.

Beatriz Osés is an international bestselling author. She has received the Edebé Prize for children’s literature, the Joaquín Sama and Giner de los Ríos Prize for educational innovation, the Lazarillo Prize for Literary Creation, and the La Brújula Youth Novel Prize. She was a finalist for the National Award for Children’s and Youth Literature.

Her previous saga, Erik Vogler is a best-selling saga consisting of eight volumes. With more than 150,000 copies sold in six languages, the saga managed to be a finalist for the Les Mordus du Polar award in Paris.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Show, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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