Saga Reina Roja – Red Queen (TV Series)

Red Queen | Black Wolf | White King 

The most incredible person you have ever met does not exist.

Antonia Scott has such a brilliant and spectacular mind that she belongs to the Reina Roja project (Red Queen); a secret European initiative to solve the most complex and high-standard cases without leaving a trace.

Every single Red Queen has her faithful squire. In Spain, Antonia and Jon, an endearing Basque police officer, make up the team. Jon is a homosexual and a Harri-jasotze champion –a popular rural sport in which 300kg stones must be lifted off the ground onto the shoulder–. He was suspended from the National Police Corps due to his involvement in a scandal after helping a prostitute. Afterwards, he entered the Reina Roja project.

Despite their big differences, a strong friendship emerges between them. They help each other in the solving of the most delicate cases of the Spanish current days. The first one is the murder of the son of the President of the biggest bank in Spain –and one of the biggest in Europe-. The following case has to do with the kidnapping of the daughter and heiress of the most famous textiles tycoon, one of the wealthiest men on Earth.

In these frenetic investigations and persecutions, both characters will face their inner demons, the police forces opposition, and the lack of cooperation on the part of the families of the victims. Furthermore, they will also have to struggle against secrecy and the better-prepared and most cruel criminals they have ever seen.


RELEVANT DATA: The Reina Roja Saga is composed of: Reina Roja, Loba Negra and Rey Blanco . This thrilling and electrifying work will be the star of the next Christmas campaign and one of the most successful bestsellers in 2019. Right after its publication, Reina Roja entered the Top 1 e-books and Top 10 hard-copy sales lists on his first week out.

Masterfully written with realistic and well-constructed characters that would perfectly fit in a character-driven thriller. Juan Gómez-Jurado is one of the biggest Spanish Bestselling authors, and his works have been translated into 42 languages and edited in more than 40 countries. Gómez-Jurado has joined millions of readers all throughout the world.

La Vanguardia newspaper has considered Juan Gómez-Jurado as “the Spanish Ken Follet”.



AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Romanian, French, Greek, Swedish, German, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian, and Hungarian.