Saga Rexcatadores (Rexcuers Saga)

Perhaps this one will be the best summer of his life…

Imagine that your parents send you to your grandparents’ for the holidays, to a place called Punta Escondida, far from your friends and from the Play Station. It doesn’t look like the best plan, does it?

Imagine now that your grandma can cook magical cakes that can make you fly, that your grandfather has a lab full of incredible inventions and that in the attic, there is a green and enormous creature called Rex who, despite his terrifying teeth and his long tail, is super charming.

Sounds a lot better, doesn’t it? And if you get to meet a girl who is a little weird but super nice, and together you like the biggest adventure you could have ever imagined, then it might indeed be the best summer of your life…

This is what happens to Max when he has to spend the summer at his grandparents’ house. Together with Rex, Pía and his grandparents, Agatha and Godofredo, Max will live countless adventures that will include rescues, trips to Sauria and Ur and a fight with the Witch of the Sea.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Juan Gómez-Jurado is one of the most translated and bestselling contemporary Spanish authors. His novels, published in more than 40 countries and languages, have become worldwide bestsellers and are read by millions of readers.  Gómez-Jurado has won several awards like the  Premio de Bibliotecas de la Comunidad de Madrid, the Premio de Literatura Juvenil de Alfaguara or the Premio de Libreros Noruegos.

Bárbara Montes, apart from a children’s psychologist and a tourism expert, has the soul of an adventurer. After being a reporter in Sabemos Digital and traveling to the depths of the sea, she arrived to the literary landscape with this fun story for the youngest ones.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Animated TV series or film.


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