Sour Milk (La mala leche)

Since when did being a mother and sexual desire not coincide?

Nani is a young woman who is going through motherhood for the first time. This makes her suffer from mood swings and sudden bursts of anger and anxiety for reasons ranging from unresolved sexual desires, fear of death, subtle male chauvinism or guilt about not being the best mother or the perfect partner.

She navigates her life as a new mother through wet dreams, breast milk-stained clothes and hidden chat rooms. A provocative, shameless novel and taboo-free novel, with touches of black humor. It breaks with archaic ideas associated with motherhood and, in turn, portrays the dramas of a woman’s modern life.


RELEVANT DATA: Sour Milk (La mala leche) is a story about sexual desire and how society’s conception of a woman changes once she becomes a mother, and how that conception does not exist for the father. Henar Álvarez is one of the most prominent voices of the new feminine humor. As a journalist and scriptwriter, she has collaborated in several Spanish television programs. She was part of the winners´ team at the Bitácoras Awards for best film and television blog. The illustrator, Ana Müshell, has works published in Vogue, GQ and Cinemanía, and she has collaborated with Zara, the ABC museum and Coca-Cola.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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