Super Fucked (Jodidísimas) (TV Series)

An original 8-episode audioseries/podcast published by Audible

They are willing to do even the most fucked up thing to get back what was once theirs.

Consuelo and Marisa are in the same unfinished luxury development in Marbella, where the world’s biggest tycoons have their villas. Some have expropriated land to build luxury apartments but when the keys were handed over to the owners, they discovered that the developer was laundering money, therefore rendering the houses illegal – one of the many real estate frauds common to the Spanish coast. The apartments have been inhabited by a few people who wanted to move in as soon as possible, but the apartments are half-finished, there are no supplies, and the properties are soon to be demolished.

In this context, we are introduced to Marisa, a woman in her 40s who was a flight attendant before falling in love with a man and deciding to buy a house together. However, this man left her for another, and Marisa is left jobless and penniless, stranded in this housing development and about to lose everything she has.

Consuelo is in a similar situation. She is a woman from a good family, who has spent her savings to buy this apartment. To take advantage of the situation, she and her son decide to rent out the rest of the apartments in the complex. Celia, one of Consuelo’s tenants, has just arrived. She has suffered a traffic accident and needed to take a break from Madrid.

Marisa, fed up and furious, decides to be the first to confront the culprit behind her unfortunate situation, a Russian tycoon named Sergei. Soon, the other women will join Marisa in preparing the revenge on the tycoon, planning two robberies to recover what they invested. The first robbery was a failure, but the second was very successful.

These women have been scammed and they are extremely fucked. Nevertheless, this circumstance will not only unite this group of women but will give them the strength to keep fighting for what’s theirs.


RELEVANT DATA: Jodidísimas is María Dueñas’ first original audioseries. Dueñas is the best-selling author of the current Spanish literary scene, with millions of copies sold worldwide. Her works, all bestsellers, have been published in dozens of countries and translated into more than 40 languages.

María Dueñas began in the world of literature with The Time in Between, which was adapted as a television series by Antena 3, the series was top of the ratings and sold to more than twenty countries. She has won the City of Cartagena Historical Novel Award and the Culture Award of the Community of Madrid in the category of Literature.

“A hilarious comedy of entanglement. The actors show how great they are, and the music and effects always accompany the plot to teleport you and put you in their world. Congratulations to all and to María Dueñas for the story.” Audible

“Fast-paced, brilliant, and very well constructed. A few hours of intense fun. The best María Dueñas has done so far.” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.



THEMES: Women, CrimeVengeance, ScamReal Estate Speculation, Thefts, Tycoons, Friendship.

GENRE: Dramedy, Female Fiction.