Surviving (Sobreviviendo)

Could you become someone you are not only to obtain something you have always wanted? Val Valdés, can.

Val Valde’s life changes radically the day Matias Wagner, a German mogul who she married at age 15 after becoming pregnant, dies. She had one day become the most famous woman in the country after winning Spanish reality TV contest “Surviving”, which became an instant hit when it was released. After becoming famous overnight, Val had stayed in the shadows for a while, but now she is all over the media again after giving herself in to the police, confessing the murder of an old schoolmate.

This is the story of Val, and how she goes from being Tina to being Valentina: a person who from her adolescence to her grown up years and until her widowhood, changed her identity after every big life event. We will get to know the story of this successful and self-made woman who keeps failing in life, but she is strong and is able to adapt to every new circumstance, reinventing herself every time. And she someone who is not afraid to kill if she needs to.

We will get to know the rest of the characters, such as her mother-in-law, an opinionated woman with a strong character who will try to get in Val’s way.

The testimonies in the book will allow us to discover how Val meticulously planned her victory in the “Sobreviviendo” reality TV show, the truth about her son’s father and what made her commit the gruesome murder.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Surviving is one of the most acclaimed works of Aranza Portabales, an author who has been awarded with the XV Award for the best Serialized Novel of La Voz de Galicia.

The novel is a character driven story, with a psychologically complex female protagonist who evolves profoundly throughout the plot. It’s a story full of plot twists that keep the reader on edge till the very end.

The book has had a huge repercussion in the media, and it has been present in many national newspapers such as La Nueva España, La Vanguardia, El Diario Vasco, La Voz de Galicia o la revista Woman.


What the critics have said:

“Arantza Portabales makes every character suspicious […]. Dark, very dark”. Carmen Mola

“One of the trendiest, most recognized and most potent Noir authors there is right now”. Carles Francino, La Ventana (Cadena SER)

“Like Joël Dicker or Pierre Lemaitre, Aranza Portabales assembles with great precision and a majestic rhythm the pieces of this intriguing story that is centered around the life of an exceptional character: Val Valdés, a successful woman who doesn’t cease to experience failure”. Babelio 

“I highlight Aranza Portabales’ writing, the dialogs are phenomenal. The characters are powerful and well defined; especially Val, the protagonist, who is a complete woman with many facets to her”. Goodreads

“Dizzling. […] Everything Works perfectly well. […] I highly recommend that everyone reads it”. Ramón Nicolás, Fugas

“An intriguing story with avid rhythm […] that builds a captivating plot centered a fascinating protagonist”. La Voz de Galicia

“Short, intense, and written with artistry”. Xosé Carlos Caneiro, La Voz de Galicia


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniserie, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish and Galician.

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