The Alhambra (La Alhambra) (TV Series)

A project by Margarita Melgar and Pere Roca

During the War of Independence, the French expelled the inhabitants of the Alhambra, an independent city of Granada, with their craftsmen and merchants with the proposal to make it their own headquarters. Now these “Sons of the Alhambra” have begun to return but their houses are demolished and commercial activity is dead. The old neighbors are living in misery conditions from which the friars of the Franciscan convent and the prisoners of the Alhambra prison cannot escape. The governor lacks resources to enforce the law, and so the Alhambra has become a refuge for beggars and thieves and a paradise for illegal activities: smuggling, prostitution. Only a detachment of war invalids patrols the citadel, mostly dedicated to scrounging and begging than to fighting crime.