The Baroness of Wilson (La Baronesa de Wilson) – Original project for TV Series

The story of a brilliant imposter.

Emilia Serrano, a fake “baroness” by marriage and ahead of her time, was a powerful publishing and fashion businesswoman, a frequent visitor to royal circles, transatlantic traveler, advisor, polyglot, patron of major Latin American governments, and a spy… But, above all, she was a true impostor. With her intelligence, her talent for languages and an innate intuition to make fashion a big business, she managed to become the most sought-after influencer of the time.

Along the way, she will lose her innocence and a daughter, and realize that getting married will only undermine her independence. Enemies lurk and everyone has reason to unmask her. A woman who from birth was not privileged, and that to get the freedom and knowledge she longed for, she had to reinvent herself into an incredible character to break the rules imposed on the women of her time. This is her story.


RELEVANT DATA: The original project La Baronesa de Wilson, by Julia Montejo and Pura Fernández, is based on the extraordinary biography of Emilia Serrano, the Baroness of Wilson.

Julia Montejo is a journalist, bestselling author, and international screenwriter for film and television. She has collaborated with companies such as 20th Century Fox, adapted the script for the Telemundo series Jugar con fuego, which was highly rated. In Spain she has participated in several fiction projects such as 7 vidas (Globomedia / Tele5), Mis Adorables vecinos (Globomedia / Antena 3), Cuestión de sexo (Cuatro), or Gavilanes (Gestmusic-Endemol), among others. She has received more than 20 international awards, including the ALMA Award for best independent Latin film.

Pura Fernández is a researcher at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Director of Editorial CSIC. She has directed several official research projects on women writers and travelers of the nineteenth century, so her contribution of knowledge in this project is essential. In the audiovisual field, she has collaborated in the making of documentaries on Ibero-American cultural themes.



LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Dossier in Spanish.