The Cornelia Weber-Tejedor Saga (Saga Cornelia Weber-Tejedor)

Between two waters | With an announcement | In free fall | If not, we kill it

The thrilling cases of the German-Spanish police inspector shake the quiet city of Frankfurt.

Cornelia Weber-Tejedor is half German and half Spanish. She is an attractive woman in her thirties. She has a pet raven. A bit hypochondriac and a fan of donuts, her mom’s Galician food, cold beer and and TV shows, she has The Simpson’s theme song as a ring tone… but she desperately tries to hide her childish personality. She is a member of the rowing and the swimming clubs, and she is a formidable professional who moves heaven and earth to solve her cases, and to stand out in a mostly male environment.

In the first installment, Cornelia investigates the death of Spaniard Marcelino Soto. Who could have murdered him and thrown the body of this person loved by many into the river? Cornelia is torn between her duty as a German police officer and the loyalty to the Spanish community that her mother demands from her.

In the second installment, the glamourous world of advertising is under commotion. An important agency has been receiving anonymous threats for days, until a brutal accident happens. Is it war between agencies for a big account or are there other interests at stake?

In the third installment, Cornelia signs up to investigate the mysterious death of one of the employees of the Frankfurt airport, where there seems to be a door for drug trafficking.  She will have to work undercover as a cleaning lady. On top of this, she has just separated from her husband, and has started a complicated relationship with her subordinate Leopold Müller.

Lastly, Torsten Hagendorf, a respectable lawyer, is kidnapped by three masked men who contact his wife for a huge ransom. Torsten, however, manages to escape. After interrogating the couple, she finds out that this is not the first express kidnapping that has happened in Frankfurt. A modality associated to other latitudes has secretly invaded the peaceful German city. It is the beginning of an intricate case starring the celebrated police officer.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Cornelia Weber-Tejedor Saga was in the bestsellers lists straight after its publication. Among Two Water (Entre dos aguas) won the Premio Brigada 21 a la Mejor Primera Novela Negra. The saga has been translated into German.

Rosa Ribas has also been awarded with the prestigious Premio Hammett de la Semana Negra de Gijón. Her works have been translated into Catalan, English, Polish, French and Italian.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish and German.

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