The Embrace of the Monster (El abrazo del monstruo)

What would you do to save your daughter?

Diego Arce is a renowned mystery novels writer who is not in his best moment. Since the publication of his first novel, he has not managed to reproduce the same success.  His editor insists on the resurrection of “The Monster” in his next novels, the main character of his successful work. A psychopathic surgeon who used to kidnap and dismember little girls during the early 20th c. Barcelona, aiming to reconstruct his own deceased daughter. A character based on a real person from the writer’s childhood.

One night, while Diego and his wife attend a party, someone decides to mix fiction and reality and lets “the Monster” out, kidnapping Diego’s 7-year-old daughter, Ariadna.

“The Monster” is back to propose Diego taking part in the Game of the Challenges, a macabre game he invented himself for his novel. If he wants to get Ariadna back, the renowned author will have to pass three extreme challenges that will be streamed throughout the world.

Inspector Rocamora, in charge of the case and a close friend of the couple, is suspicious of several people. However, they are running out of time, and there is only three days’ time between one challenge and the next one.

While he has to show the world what he is capable to do to save his daughter, Diego will also have to reconstruct his life, go back in time and break free from those secret fears that perturbed his childhood and adolescence.

Will Diego escape from the embrace of the Monster?


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Embrace of the Monster has is a total sensation in the social media, where people have assured that it is “a complete story, with intrigues, fantasy, love and horror, compared to Stephen King’s style”.

Félix J. Palma has won over one hundred awards throughout his career. Among his many recognitions, we can find the XL Ateneo de Sevilla, the Premio Tiflos, the Premio Gabriel Aresti or the Premio Alberto Lista.

His novels have appeared in the bestsellers list of The New York Times, and have been published in more than 25 countries.




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