The Ghost Girls Club (El club de las niñas fantasma)

Let’s discover the ghostly world!

Carmen and René, two 10-year-olds, are classmates in elementary school. Carmen is an extroverted, social and “popular” girl, unlike René, a rather quiet, introverted boy without many friends. Their mothers work in the same building, which forces them to spend more time together than they would like. But, despite having totally opposite personalities, there is one thing that unites them: they are passionate about horror stories.

Soon after, they discover Isabel, a ghost girl who wanders the halls of her mothers’ work and has been trapped there for over sixty years. Isabel is sick of being the typical girl who appears at night and from whom everyone runs away from. Carmen and René befriend her and set out to help her find out more about the supernatural world and, above all, whether there are more girls like her.

The three children soon discover that there is another building nearby with two other ghost girls trapped just like Isabel, which is why they investigate whether there is more behind the existence of ghost girls and if there is any way to help them to stop being trapped souls.


RELEVANT DATA: With successful references such as Coraline, Frankenweenie, The Addams Family and Coco, The Ghost Girls Club has all the ingredients to become a successful series or movie, intermingling a dark aesthetic with very charismatic and endearing characters. The second part of the book will be published in 2022.

Raquel Castro and Alberto Chimal are a couple of highly recognized writers from Mexico. Both maintain a constant presence on social networks through literary sites and their Youtube channel, with which they gather tens of thousands of followers.

Raquel Castro has won the Gran Angular Award for Children’s Literature and in two occasions, the National Journalism Award. She is especially recognized in the genre of children’s and young adult literature.

Alberto Chimal is internationally known for his fantastic literature and has won a multitude of awards, such as the San Luis Potosí Story Award, the Narrative of Colima Award, and the State of Mexico Literature Award, among many others. He was also a finalist for the Rómulo Gallegos Award and was selected for the international White Ravens catalog, which brings together the best children’s and young adult books from around the world. The critic Jorge Carrión has called him “one of the main figures of Ibero- American fantastic literature”.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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