The Land of the Great Promise (La tierra de la gran promesa)

A profitable rivalry.

A past that haunts him like a nightmare.

Diego Gonzalez, a documentary filmmaker, his wife Monica, and their baby Lucas are in great danger. They move from Mexico to Barcelona in search of a safer life, but Diego’s past follows them all the way across the Atlantic.

Up until this point, Diego was well known in his profession. He gained recognition for his work that often touched upon sensitive issues: from the self-defense groups in Michoacán to an exclusive interview with Salustiano Roca, or “El Vainillo”, a famous drug trafficker. But it is precisely because of the latter that Diego and his family flee Mexico. The only person who seems willing to help them hide is a Catalan producer who offers them a house in Barcelona.

Just when his family seems to be adapting to their new life in Spain, a figure from the past catches up with them: Adalberto Anaya, a Mexican journalist who has closely followed Diego’s career. This admirer turns his obsession into a hatred of equal proportions when he accuses him of having set a trap for El Vainillo. He accuses Diego of putting the drug trafficker on a silver platter for the law, because thanks to Diego’s documentary, the capo is arrested.

Adalberto shows up in Barcelona with the excuse of investigating a certain film producer linked to Mexican film corruption when, in reality, he is there to investigate and write a report specifically about Diego in which he will reveal this and some other secrets.

Adalberto’s report unleashes a wave of hate on social media against Diego, forcing him to return to Mexico to face public opinion and clear his name. Diego thus falls into a downward spiral that will take him to some of the most sordid places in present-day Mexico and force him to become entangled in an international plot of money laundering, corruption, and political ties with drug cartels.


RELEVANT DATA: The Land of the Great Promise (La tierra de la gran promesa) addresses current issues such as journalistic ethics and the dynamics that have arisen with the rise of social networks: the spreading of rumors, the excessive power of influencers and the viralization of fake news.

Juan Villoro is one of the leading authors of contemporary Hispanic American literature. With more than one million copies sold, Villoro is a true sales phenomenon with works translated into dozens of languages. He has won a multitude of awards, among which stand out: the LIBER Award to the most outstanding Spanish-American author, the Manuel Rojas Ibero-american Narrative Award, the José Donoso Iberoamerican Award, the Herralde Award, the  Mazatlán Literature Award, and the King of Spain’s International Journalism Award, among others.


What the critics have said:

The Land of the Great Promise (La tierra de la gran promesa) confronts us with a deeply human story that takes three days to read because once you start you can’t stop. But it is a story that will continue to burn within us for a long time, perhaps a lifetime.” Confabulario (digital magazine)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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