The Little Orphans (Los huerfanitos)

Three brothers who hate each other and an inheritance at stake.

Ausias Susmozas is the owner and patriarch of the Pigalle, a theater that – after going through a golden age – is now in the dumps. Ausias dies around the same time that debts are suffocating the theatre and leaves it to be distributed among his three sons.

Argimiro, Bartolomé and Críspulo reunite (after a long time of not seeing each other) to discuss the inheritance and collect the possible monetary relief that will compensate the lack of affection from their father. But instead of an inheritance, their father left a colossal amount of debt and the bank tells them that if they don’t pay it within six months, they will lose the theater.

The brothers find a solution to solve their financial problems: they will carry out a theater play that will be titled “Life”. With a limited budget, they will have to hire an inept director, a group of retirees as their only technical support, and a cast of actors recruited from a rehabilitation group for alcohol consumption.


REVELANT INFORMATION: Little Orphans (Los huerfanitos) has all the ingredients to make a powerful and engaging comedy that appeals to large audiences in line with the films by Wes Anderson. It has an original premise, well-developed cartoon-like characters, and good reviews from readers.

Santiago Lorenzo is a best-selling author, who has sold tens of thousands of copies of his work and has been positioned on several occasions in the top 10 best-selling authors in the Spanish language category.

Lorenzo began his adventures as a screenwriter before turning to literature. Among his multiple awards, the stand outs are the Award for the Best Book of the Year by the newspaper El Periódico, the Shadow of the Ciprés Award, the Cálamo Award for the Best Book of the Year, the Los Libreros Recomiendan Award, and the Bookshops of Navarra Award. He is also the winner of a Goya Award for best animated short film.


What the critics say:

“Santiago Lorenzo’s literary career turned around in 2018 when he became […] a literary phenomenon.” Cadena Ser

“Santiago Lorenzo […] concocted that novel that anticipated the fragility of our world.” Diario ABC

“Santiago Lorenzo can no longer be said to be a cult author, at least in the usual sense of rather secret (yes, in the sense that he generates fervor).” El Periódico

“The funniest book of the year, at least what I have read. Santiago Lorenzo writes as if he were the unlikely son of Jardiel Poncela and Wes Anderson.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Show, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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