The Pythagoras Saga (Saga Pitágoras)

Killing Pythagoras | Lord of Minds

Crimes, mystery, a bleeding battle for succession for a powerful dynasty, and romance in a thrilling action story.

In Killing Pythagoras, Old philosopher Pythagoras, one of the most powerful people of his time, is about to choose his successor from among the great masters of the community, his closest disciples. The eventual successor will inherit such a huge influence and power, only to be compared to that of the Persian king Darius. This ability can be utilised to bring harmony, peace, and economic prosperity to a big part of the civilised world, but it can also be exploited in a tyrannical way. When Pythagoras is just about to open his mouth to name his heir, the chosen one falls dead right in front of the group. Moreover, in the following days, the other possible candidates begin to fall murdered in impossible circumstances. Behind these crimes there seems to be a mind so dark and powerful, able to surpass the intelligence of Pythagoras himself. The murderer kills the most powerful masters in front of the group, without leaving a single trace.

Pythagoras’ beautiful and mysterious daughter Ariadna, guides the Egyptian investigator Akenon through the basic concepts of Pythagorean knowledge to try and have a glimpse of the criminals’ mind, and uncover his identity. They conduct a thorough investigation in the middle of all the tension escalating due to the numerous murders, the disappearance of Pythagoras, the political enemies seizing the opportunity to discredit and destroy the Pythagorean Community – threatening the democratic basis of civilization – social chaos, war… and profoundly falling in love. A task from which it is almost impossible to get out alive.

In Lord of Minds, 6th century BC. Three years after Killing Pythagoras, Ariadna, the mathematician’s daughter, and her husband Akenon receive the symbol representing Pythagoras’ main enemy, Khaos -who was supposedly dead-. From this moment onwards, a series of dreadful crimes occur around them. The couple, along with Pythagoras, fund an organization to fight Khaos: The Guild.

Spain, current days. Daniel, Elena and Irina meet at the Mensa -the largest high IQ society in the world-. In a few days, numerous crimes, similar to those during Pythagoras’ time, take place. In fact, the victims read the symbol of Khaos. Elena suddenly disappears, and David and Irina are recruited by The Guild -still existing- to put an end to the legacy of the biggest enemy in History.


RELEVANT DATA: Marcos Chicot is runner-up of the very prestigious Premio Planeta. His books immediately become bestsellers.

Killing Pythagoras is the highest-selling Spanish language ebook in History, having captured hundreds of thousands of readers. This novel could be seen as part of a saga, along with La hermandad (The Brotherhood) and El asesinato de Sócrates (Killing Socrates). Furthermore, Killing Pythagoras was awarded the Premio per la Cultura Mediterranea for the best novel published in Italy.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian.

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