The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree Series

The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree | The Space Ship Returns |The Three-Seated Space Ship | Round Trip Space Ship |The Space Ship in the Park

What would you do if your best friend was an alien?

Eddie Blow was just an 11-year-old boy leading an ordinary life. He loves science and nature and going to the science museum with his group of boys-scouts, and has a terrific relationship with his loving grandmother.

One fateful summer night, a “meteorite” falls under his grandfather’s apple tree. What he thought to be a gigantic spacial rock was actually the space ship of a three-foot-tall man named Marty. Marty is a Scientist Explorer from the planet Martinea who arrived in planet Earth after his flying saucer ran out of fuel.

A beautiful friendship between the boy and the space creature is born and together they will embark on several funny adventures, like searching for the Secret Power Z, the substance Marty needs to be able to get back to his planet.

Marty will come back to visit his dearest friend Eddy in The Space Ship Returns to the Apple Tree and The Three-Seated Space Ship. Both of them will start an accidental tour throughout the United States in Marty’s new flying saucer. But also, next summer, after pushing the wrong button on the cabin, the two friends will overfly London with Eddie’s grandmother on board.

In Round Trip Space Ship, Eddie will travel to planet Martinea, where he will be shock due to the culture clash and he will discover a different society with bizarre customs and incredible technological advances. At the same time, Eddie will get to know his best friend Marty a little bit more.

Marty will also take Eddie and his friend Willie to planet Xonia, on the dark side of the moon. The three of them will explore it together, searching for the source of important pure materials needed on Martinea to produce Secret Power Z and solving the mystery of the shimmering corgi dogs.

Original, funny and unique adventures of two children from totally different planets that share much more similarities than they ever imagined.


RELEVANT DATA: Louis Slobodkin was an American sculptor, writer and illustrator. He was specialized in children’s literature and he was awarded with the Caldecott Medal and the Newbery Award.

The Space Ship saga is composed of five instalments that were an absolute hit in the US during the 1950s and 60s. Slobodkin’s work is considered a classic in chidren’s literature. Kids love its original plots, its endearing characters and their fantastic adventures.

Despite The Space Ship saga was published decades ago, Slobodkin’s works are still traveling around the world, receiving widespread acclaim among the nowadays readers.

The Space Ship is easily adaptable to any country. The universality of its plots would make kids from all over the world enjoy these stories. Moreover, the saga itself contributes to the creation of other plots and subplots out of the existing ones. This way, it would be possible to create a long-term TV series of several seasons.

Since 2015, Slobodkin’s works have been translated and edited in many countries, like Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Rumania, China, South Korea and Colombia, besides several reeditions in the USA.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Film, Serie TV, Miniserie, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES:  English, Chinese, Japanese and Rumanian.

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