The Wrong Path (El mal camino)

What appears (and disappears) along the way can change your life forever.  

Chucks Basil is an old, washed-up and problematic rock star. He moves to a small town in France hoping to work on his new music – the first album after 10 years of hiatus.  Coincidently, his best friend and famous author Bert Amandale, also moves to a town nearby.

One night, Bert and Chucks go out to dinner. An easily bothered Chucks gets involved in a fight and before matters get worse, they leave and Bert accompanies Chucks to his car. On his way home, Chucks puts his music on full blast and lights a cigarette. He loses sight of the road for one instant, as he lowers his gaze to light the cigarette, and when he looks up and sees a man in the middle of the road, it is too late to stop. The man dies in Chucks´ arms, but not before muttering strange phrases. Chucks flees the scene, leaving the corpse to bleed out in the middle of the road, terrified by the consequences this could bring. Chucks can´t help but feel guilty for what he has done, it eats him alive, so he decides to return to the sight of the accident. Upon arriving, he notices there is no longer a trace of the corpse. Additionally, no words of the accident seems to have gotten through to the news or anyone in town and a series of strange events begin to unfold thereafter.


RELEVANT DATA: The Wrong Path (El mal camino) written by the great Mikel Santiago is a novel in which mystery, suspense and intrigue are present throughout the entire plot. In addition, the novel has been translated into several languages, such as Italian, Polish, French and Portuguese.

Mikel Santiago is a best-selling author. His works have been a resounding sales success, with more than 250,000 copies sold in a dozen countries. His titles have climbed to the top of the bestseller lists in Spain and have been published in some twenty countries, winning over readers and literary critics alike. He is currently considered one of the best authors of thrillers, crime novels and fantasy at an international level. His imprint has generated enormous expectations in the reading community, especially among some of the most followed Booktubers in the networks.  With El mentiroso he began a series of novels set in an imaginary village in the Basque Country, where his next work En plena noche (2021) will also take place.

In addition to his career as a novelist, he works on concepts and scripts for series. Several of his titles are in the process of being adapted to the small and big screen.


The critics have said:

«It´s not every day that you come across an author who is actively and passively related to Stephen King, so when he appears, there is no choice but to listen. » David Morán, ABC

«Hitchcock said that is it not possible to keep the viewer in tension or create suspense without emotions. Wise words which Mikel Santiago follows. » Lluís Fernández, La Razón


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Polish.

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