Your Summers and My Winters (Tus veranos y mis inviernos)

Not all summer loves die when autumn arrives.

First love is unforgettable, no matter how much Maider Azurmendi tries to erase the memories of that summer in the late 90s with Rubén Segura, her campmate. From a young age, Rubén displayed his interest in Maider in the only way he knew: by teasing her. For Maider, Rubén was just a pain in the ass until the summer of 1995, when her feelings for him began to blossom, and she became open to Rubén’s advances.

Their connection deepened over the winter through the letters they exchanged, intensifying their feelings for one another.

The summer of 1998 marked a turning point. Their relationship had flourished and matured, but it came to an abrupt halt the night they decided to lose their virginity and experienced a condom mishap. The relationship ended following the appalling treatment by healthcare workers, Maider’s parents’ refusal to let them stay together, and the possible pregnancy of the young woman.

After the incident, Maider fell into a deep depression, and it took two years before she would see Rubén again at the camp. This time, she arrived with her new boyfriend, eliciting Rubén’s disapproval. The distance and tension between the (ex)couple only grew.

Years later, now both adults with their professional careers in progress, they encounter each other once more. Maider doesn’t hesitate to open up and share everything she has gone through since their separation, but for Rubén, it’s too late. He has received a promotion at his job, and to avoid professional setbacks, he must relocate to another country. Even though their love is now impossible, neither of them will forget the intense and profound love they shared during those summers.


RELEVANT DATA: Tus veranos y mis inviernos is a beautiful and tender summer love story in which many viewers can see themselves reflected. An impossible love story that delves into the complex feelings of the protagonists and their evolution over the years.

With touches of comedy and unique settings, May Boeke successfully develops in her novel relevant themes such as friendship, forgiveness, second chances, academic failure, teenage pregnancy, depression, overcoming obstacles, and maturity.

The reception of Tus veranos y mis inviernos has been so positive that authors of the caliber of Alina Not, Alessandra Neymar, María Martínez, Jon Azkueta, and Paula Ramos have used their own profiles to recommend it to their followers.


Critics say:

“A love story that grows over the years and summers. With the perfect balance between drama and comedy, and a female protagonist who inevitably steals your heart… and a boy who does too.” Goodreads

“Among the best reads of 2023, perfect for the summer, a love story tied by an invisible thread between the past and the present. Fun, fresh, addressing important topics. It has everything; I’ll never tire of recommending this marvel.” Casa del Libro

“This book smells of the sea, of summer, of sunsets on the beach, of first times, of happiness, of love, and of friendship. The kind of true friendship that lasts forever.” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.