Ways of living (Maneras de vivir)

The rise and fall of a rock star, and the wonderful second opportunities.

This is the extraordinary story of a dysfunctional family who has to go through many experiences to get to be the united and non-conventional family that they are now. Thanks to their love of music they will be united despite their huge differences and the contrast of having been young in the 70’s and 80´s and being young now.

At a very young age, Jimmy became a rock star, he began having huge drug problems, and ended up in prison. Now, many years later, he has to start all over again, embracing the second opportunity life is giving him. His 15 years old son, whose mother died in a car accident, has to go live with him. The teenager doesn’t know his father and doesn’t want to know him. At home there are two more people: Jimmy’s partner -a post-modern rock star, daughter of a strict conservatory professor- and her teenage daughter, who, when Jimmy’s son arrives, feels left out and at the same time attracted to him.

A writer (and big fan Jimmy’s), decides to tell the story of this family. He interviews each of the four members who tell their vision of what happened to Jimmy. An intimate story that rebuilds the rise to heaven and descent to hell of a rock star. A story in which the unconditional love for music of all the narrators is very present, even in the most extreme and dangerous situations. Where there is space for overcoming, redemption, reinvention, for learning the importance of strong family bonds, and having the space for being different to the rest.


RELEVANT DATA: Ways of living (Maneras de vivir) is the winner of the Edebé Young Adult Literature Award 2020. Luis Leante has published over 15 novels, and it is the second time he receives the prestigious Edebé Young Adult Literature Award. He received the Alfaguara Novel Award, the Hache Award, and the Mandarache Young Readers Award.

Leante is also a great screenwriter for cinema, poet, short story and essay writer. His work has been translated into over twenty languages.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Miniseries, TV Series, Film, TV Movie.


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