Yoga and Coke (Yoga y coca)

A “good” girl to whom a new world opens.

Blanca Potente, a young girl growing up with her grandmother in a conservative Mexican town, thinks she knows all about sex education and femininity from what she has been taught in school and in her family. As she grows up, she discovers that she was terribly wrong. She moves to the city to continue her studies and begins to explore all that she can accomplish with her newfound freedom. She dissects her strength and her bodily and emotional limitations, enjoys herself, lets herself go, analyzes what is love, sex, sexism, and the social norms under which she was raised and which she now wants to challenge.

Like Carrie Bradshaw’s telling of her reality in Sex and the City, Blanca takes us from the age of fourteen to her forties on an emotional road trip, set in Mexico, from her first raves and one-night stands to hedonistic and decadent trendy clubs; all seen through the lethal filter of romantic love that makes her fail over and over again, and against which she has no defenses.


RELEVANT DATA: Yoga and Coke (Yoga y Coca) deals with important topics such as self-esteem, sex, the transition to adulthood, fertility… simply put, what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.

Alejandra Maldonado is an outstanding Mexican writer. She has been a copywriter in an advertising agency and has worked in literary magazines with a large audience such as Moho, where she published her first short story. She has received the FONCA scholarship for writers and has collaborated with magazines like Playboy, literary fanzines, and anthologies such as Grandes Hits, Nueva Generación de Narradores Mexicanos.


What the critics have said:

Yoga and Coke (Yoga y Coca), like everything Alejandra Maldonado writes, is her mirror and her fictionalized charisma. You will not only read a book, but you will also meet someone in the most playful and carnal sense of the word.” Guillermo Fadanelli

“A dizzying monologue of the protagonist Blanca Potente who, between the hippie beaches of her first raves, European fashion clubs and advertising agencies, reflects on her condition as a woman, with an honest style and full of autofiction.” Irma Gallo


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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