Subgénero: Horror

  • The bitch (La perra)

  • The Damna Way (La vía Damna)

    Everyone can get in, but no one gets out alive. Chile, 1852. The imminent arrival of a group of mutinous soldiers at BulnesFort has unleashed chaos. … Read more

  • The Damna Way (La Vía Damna)

  • Those who whisper under the ground (Los que susurran bajo la tierra)

    When darkness lives inside you, the only escape is to give in to it. Chile, summer of 1979. Raimundo de la Cruz Leyton is eight years … Read more

  • A crack in the night (Una grieta en la noche)

      La oscuridad emerge en cada rincón de la ciudad. Este libro de cuentos reúne seis historias de corte espeluznante, donde la oscuridad de la Ciudad … Read more

  • La cosecha pálida

      Un misterio oculto bajo tierra.   Está amaneciendo, y una chica de 19 años camina por la carretera en dirección a Calixe, un pueblo en … Read more

  • The orchard (La huerta)

    True horror is not knowing who to trust.   The architect Roberto Benavídez and his family move to “the Orchad”, a house in the countryside, in … Read more

  • Human Sacrifices (Sacrificios humanos) (Film/TV series)

    True horror in real life.   Twelve stories make up María Fernanda Ampuero's masterful work: Human Sacrifices, where terror takes many forms and violence defines the … Read more

  • Cockfight (Pelea de gallos) (TV series)

    Life in its rawest form.   The stories that make up the book Cockfight are narrated by different voices within “the home”, the space that builds … Read more

  • The Church (La iglesia)

    Is there an evil that is older and more powerful than God Himself?   Ernesto Larraz is a Spanish priest who has been teaching at a … Read more

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