Subgénero: Tragedy


  • Trail of corpses (Reguero de cadáveres)

  • The queen of Nairobi (La reina de Nairobi)

  • Sense of duty

    An impressive play with laconic characters that interact in a quite tragic dimension. It analyzes and explores deeply the theme that takes part in building the … Read more

  • Queen Juana

    The plot starts with the confession of Juana I of Castilla with the father Francisco de Borja the night before she dies. From there, the monarch … Read more

  • About to escape

    Paula is a young girl deemed to a grey life and with no expectation of fulfilling her dreams. She will gradually transform in the victim and … Read more

  • Adoration

    A scream, a shot gun… Eulalia has killed her husband Isidoro after a violent argument. Rosendo, who is deeply in love with her, pleads guilty of … Read more

  • Pin pricks

    Remigio and his young wife have to emigrate from their country due to poverty. In the destination country, after great calamities and the loss of their … Read more

  • Triumphant Soul

    Every year, the happily married couple of Luis and Isabel celebrates Isabel and their daughter’s saint´s day, but this year fate prepares a drastic and tragic … Read more

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