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  • The Vineyard (TV Series)

    Available on Amazon Prime Video  Only great stories inspire great emotions. Nothing made Mauro Larrea think that the fortune he had made in New Mexico after … Read more

  • A Sensitive Subject (Un asunto sensible)

    Three Cuban stories of crime and betrayal. The emotionally thrilling true crime story and its trial that struck the Cuban society and negatively shifted their opinion … Read more

  • Bad Leaf (Mala Hoja)

    An introspective look of 19th century Cuba.       In February 1874, two Spanish businessmen, a tobacco grower and a sugar farmer, meet at a … Read more

  • Saga of Sergeant Leo Martín

    Leo Martin had to be appointed Chief of the Police Sector of the same neighborhood where he was born thirty-five years ago, a peripheral and marginal … Read more

  • After the Bay of Pigs

      The untold story of the negotiations that led to the release of the prisoners of war in the Bay of Pigs in 1962  After the unsuccessful … Read more

  • The readhead (La pelirroja)

    Exile is not enough for the most feared murderer.     Juan Luis Higuera arrives in Cuba under the façade of one of the many Spanish … Read more

  • Better a Diva than Dead (Mejor Diva que Muerta)

    BETTER A DIVA THAN DEAD Isabella Santo Domingo       Ava Cabal is a vain soap opera star of immense fame and a terrifying temperament, … Read more

  • The Survivors

    Each ten-episode season of "Survivos" follows a different notable figure in history who helped change and shape the world that we live in while also altering … Read more

  • And suddenly there was yesterday (Y de repente fue ayer)

    Genesis of the Telenovela Prohibited passions, secrets and crosslinked loves. The story narrates the lives of two friends: Ovalo, a charismatic and handsome young man, and the silent … Read more

  • The papiruse (La papirusa)

    A man emigrates to Cuba with the intention of building up a fortune. Thanks to his adventurous spirit, he manages to buy a cigarette factory. Having gained … Read more

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