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  • Al final siempre ganan los monstruos (In the end, monsters always win)

    The misfits, the weird ones, and the ones who went astray.      This is the story of Juanillo, “The Cockroach”, Lolo, Jony, Vanessa, and a … Read more

  • The Magpie In The Realm Of Entropy (Straka V Rísi Entropie)

    Science was never so exciting.   A funny book of fables explaining everyday laws of physics to children and their parents. In nine fables, diverse animals … Read more

  • In Madrid Trilogy (Trilogía En Madrid)

    A Cocktail in Chueca | Two Drinks in Sitges | Three Shots in Mykonos   Four guys, one city… And a whole world to be discovered. … Read more

  • Nobody Told Me (Nadie me contó)

    And they lived happily ever after? Nobody Told Me (Nadie me contó) could be have been the story of a fulfilled dream, instead it is the … Read more

  • Me (Yo)

    Being the oddball out is the most normal thing in the world. “I do not drink, I do not smoke, I don’t do drugs, I had … Read more

  • Instafame (An Original TV Format Entertainment Project)

    This is an original non-fiction entertainment show about the process of selecting four young girls whose profiles in social media are yet unknown and helping them becoming … Read more

  • My Downstairs Neighbor

          “I’ve done so many things for love, but I had the feeling that what I was able to do for hate had no … Read more

  • La Trilogía de Arsenio Rodriguez

    LA TRILOGÍA DE ARSENIO RODRÍGUEZ  Jairo Grijalba Ruiz     Esta trilogía (Arsenio Rodríguez: el profeta de la música, Arsenio Rodríguez: el ciego maravilloso, y Arsenio Rodríguez … Read more

  • The Awakening

    Amelia is a woman with a completely normal life: she is married, has a son and lives in the outskirts of a big city, in one … Read more

  • The Cloud

    David Portier, a young journalist from San Francisco who is trying to make a living in the world of the press, discovers the morning in which … Read more

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