Etiqueta: Facing Death

  • La reina de Nairobi

  • Las indignas

  • Caught by Language (Atrapados por la lengua)

    Words that gave murderers away.   In just a paragraph or a five-minute talk we leave behind inevitable traces which are studied by forensic linguists, a … Read more

  • Tender Is the Flesh (TV Series)

    A solid and chilling future in which cannibalism is legal.   The sudden appearance of a lethal virus that affects animals ends up irrevocably modifying the … Read more

  • Morpheus

      It’s the year 2078, and the transport ship Morpheus 5 is carrying colonists in a one-way travel to the outer colonies. Due to the duration … Read more

  • The Year Of the Comet

    “The Year of the Comet” is an original fiction, mystery and horror series, based on the myths by H.P. Lovecraft and set in the 1930s. The … Read more

  • Visiting hour

    Julia arrives to the hospital to visit her daughter María, interned after trying to commit suicide due to a wrong family and social environment. The story … Read more

  • Seven shouts in the sea

    The story unfolds on a ship, in which important personalities travel. The captain communicates to his distinguished crew that they are going to suffer the attack … Read more

  • The Lady of Dawn

    Set in a rural area, it tells the story of a family in grieve due to the death of Angelica, one of the daughters. The mother … Read more

  • The case of the murdered woman

    Mercedes is a wealthy woman who shares her boring life with her husband Lorenzo and the servants Teresa, Rosaura and Renato, in a villa on the … Read more

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