Etiqueta: Generational conflict

  • Scrolling After Sex

    Hacerse adulto en el siglo XXI Scrolling After Sex es el retrato de la generación millenial. A través de mensajes de texto, notas del móvil o … Read more

  • I should have never hooked up with a hipster (No debí enrollarme con una moderna)

    Modern isn’t always the best.   Peluche (“Teddy Bear”) is forty-five years old, lives in Barcelona, and is a comic book writer. Although he’s been writing … Read more

  • The Black Sheep (La oveja negra)

    “A high price to pay to be yourself”       Hermógenes, born into a family of renowned doctors, decides not to study medicine as the … Read more

  • For as Long as We Could (Film)

    An unconventional love story.   Eve Friedman is an eighty-three-year-old playwright living alone in a chaotic apartment in the heart of Manhattan. The chicken tenders, the … Read more

  • My Crazy Grandmother (Mi abuela, la loca)

      An eccentric grandmother and her poet grandson.   Vicente's parents have a new job, and since he is only 10 years old, they must drop … Read more

  • Ways of living (Maneras de vivir)

    The rise and fall of a rock star, and the wonderful second opportunities. This is the extraordinary story of a dysfunctional family who has to go … Read more

  • Captain César Sánchez’s Saga

        Where crimes meet psychological complexity    Years after Bianca Rossana Micussi’s disappearance (World of Shadows, 2011), captain César Sánchez is re-hired in La Ciudad … Read more

  • Mum Steals Our Boyfriends (Mamá nos quita los novios)(TV Series)

    Mrs. Robinson is back and this time she's staying This familiar comedy introduces us into the day-to-day life of a peculiar family. Amadora is a widow, … Read more

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