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  • A Revolver to Carry at Night (Un revólver para salir de noche)

    Lolita made him eternally famous but it was Vera Nabokov to whom Vladimir really owes his success. Vera Nabokov conscious of sharing her life with an … Read more

  • Roses from Stalin (Las rosas de Stalin)

    My name is Svetlana Alliluyeva. I was born on February 28, 1926. My father died in 1953. His name was Joseph Stalin.  Stalin’s favorite, his only … Read more

  • The Intruder (La intrusa)

    An intimate portrait of Dalí’s muse.   Gala Dalí was a woman who wished to be secretive. Although the men with whom she shared her life … Read more

  • The Grammar of Love (La gramática del amor)

    The grammar of love is studied with the heart.   Irene is a nice, intelligent girl who loves to read. After her parent’s divorce she is … Read more

  • Kafka and the Traveling Doll (Kafka y la muñeca viajera) (Short Film)

    A little girl loses her doll and Kafka convinces her that it’s on vacation.     A year before his death, Franz Kafka lived a very … Read more

  • Supersaurus (Supersaurio)

    The best portrait of the millennial generation.       "I was born in the '90s and grew up in the 2000s. I've survived a lot … Read more

  • Uncle Bill

    A pop culture icon's time in Mexico.   The 40s. Famous writer William S. Burroughs (Bill) began his career as one of the most mythical and … Read more

  • My Crazy Grandmother (Mi abuela, la loca)

      An eccentric grandmother and her poet grandson.   Vicente's parents have a new job, and since he is only 10 years old, they must drop … Read more

  • Serafín, the Writer, and the Witch (Serafín, el escritor y la bruja)

    A star will guide them towards each other.   Serafín is the new kid at school and because of this, he doesn´t have very many friends. … Read more

  • The Bergerac Syndrome (El síndrome de Bergerac)

    A heroic adventure. A tremendous outpouring of talent and energy.   “I was an average girl no different from the others. I went to school, I … Read more

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