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  • Janis Joplin’s lover (El amante de Janis Joplin)

    The Mexican Forrest Gump. David Valenzuela is known as the “town idiot”, and at 20 years old he has missed out on the normal experiences for … Read more

  • Amor a cuatro estaciones

    ¿Qué haces cuando lo que más te lastima, también te ayuda a vivir?   Christopher es un chico que compagina su vida de estudiante de letras … Read more

  • The Adventures of Joselito: The Little Nightingale (Las aventuras de Joselito: El pequeño ruiseñor)

    The most important child star of Spanish music and cinema.     José Jiménez Fernández, known to the public as Joselito or “The boy with the … Read more

  • Pinkies Girls

    Grease 2.0.     Simone is a young introvert and a great lover of music. The summer before the start of Senior Year she meets Kenny, … Read more

  • I Tweet You (I tuit you)

    A 21st century fairytale.     Olivia is a strong-willed, down-to-earth girl, who leads a discreet life. Her values are as firm as a rock. She … Read more

  • Dyke (Bollo)

    Raw, ironic, direct and full of humor.     Nat is a waitress at Queers, a famous bar in Chueca, Madrid. After several years in an … Read more

  • Sara Montiel

    The diva from Spanish La Mancha who conquered Hollywood and the Americas.     Sara Montiel was one of the great divas of cinema and music, … Read more

  • Carmen Sevilla

    The most endearing and popular star in Spain.   Carmen Sevilla, "the bride of Spain", is one of the great Spanish film, television and music legends … Read more

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